March 15, 2019

The Starbucks Zodiac Drink Recommendation Wheel

Starbucks is on a mission to let everyone find their perfect drink according to their zodiac sign.


The company has published "The Starbucks Zodiac Drink Recommendation Wheel", that is fun and graphics and recommends the “perfect” drink for each zodiac sign, based on the characteristics often attributed to each personality.

Maybe it's time to switch up what you have been drinking for a while and maybe you've been spot on. Let the wheel at Starbucks make your next decision?

Adventurous Sagittarius, for instance, deserves a ‘Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refresher’, whereas homebody Cancer might find his or her cup of tea in a ‘Honey Citrus Mint Tea’.

Here's how it works: Find your zodiac sign and check out your drink – and look up your crush's, too.

If the drinks go together you know it's meant to be.

For example, a Sagittarius is a Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher, and if your crush is a Scorpio, which is an espresso shot, you don't mix.

But, if you're a Leo, which is an Iced Passion Mango Tea looking to chill with a Cancer, a Honey Citrus Mint Tea, you're a perfect match.

And if you're an Aquarius, you may want to try the Blonde Latte.





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