February 19, 2022

The Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Salsa

Here’s your permission slip to enjoy a serving of salsa with a bowl of your favorite tortillas. There are many surprising health benefits of eating salsa!

However you prefer to enjoy it, salsa is easily one of the most popular condiments out there. It’s versatile, spicy, and downright delicious. It may come as a surprise to some, but it’s also one of the healthiest condiments you can enjoy. Whether you grow the ingredients fresh from your garden or head to your local deli, the benefits of eating salsa go beyond satiated tastebuds.

High in Vitamins

The foundation of salsa, regardless of variation, consists of fruits and vegetables that provide various vitamins like C and E. When you combine the base with other juices, such as lime juice, you increase the vitamin C content. Pure vitamin C plays a significant role in heart health and your immune system.

Low in Calories

A surprising health benefit of eating salsa is the low caloric value it holds. A single serving of salsa is roughly two tablespoons, which isn’t quite ten calories per serving. Because most salsas contain only fresh produce, the body can efficiently process these fresh foods and designate them to the areas you need most.

Immune and Heart Health

There are many health benefits to garlic, so adding it into a salsa makes sense. The combination of garlic and onions present in salsa is sure to give you an immune boost, and they’re also known to work as a blood thinner. Garlic, specifically, can improve heart health by lowering blood pressure levels, and onion is great for managing blood glucose levels.

Natural Metabolic Boost

Capsaicin, a natural chemical compound found in peppers and spices, can boost your metabolic functions. Many adults complain that their metabolism isn’t what it was when they were younger, but eating spicy foods—salsa, in particular—is an excellent way to give your metabolism a warm nudge.


Most of a tomato’s weight is water. And while it’s critical to ensure your daily water intake is at optimal levels, sometimes we get busy and start to slack. Many people struggle with drinking water in high quantities, so another surprising health benefit of eating salsa is the hydration it offers. Eating your water works just as well as drinking it.

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