February 04, 2022

The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Right Equipment For Your Restaurant

Equipment forms the core part of your investment when you set up a commercial kitchen business. Since all kitchen equipment is fairly investment-heavy, it’s important to make the right decision when you’re outfitting your restaurant’s kitchen. Buying equipment requires dedicated research, comparison, and a good deal of knowledge that pertains to the pieces of equipment you intend to buy. We discuss the most important aspects of buying equipment for your restaurant and the essential equipment your establishment needs to function in the sections that follow.

What You Should Know About Buying Restaurant Equipment

Here’s what you need to know about buying restaurant equipment supplies for your establishment:

  1. Used vs. New Equipment

While new equipment comes with reliable warranties and service guarantees, it also tends to be expensive. On the other hand, used equipment can come with its own costs in the form of repairs and maintenance. Long-lasting equipment like ranges, furniture, and utensils can be bought used, while refrigeration and freezer units are better purchased anew.

  1. Analyze Equipment Purchases

Don’t forget to understand your requirements and consider the type of cuisine you intend on offering at your establishment. Based on these parameters, you can zero in on equipment suited to your franchise.

  1. Consider Your Budget

Nobody wants to exceed their budget while setting up their restaurant business. Be sure to always consider how much money you can spend while purchasing equipment. While high-quality equipment and long-term needs have to be taken into account, sticking to your budget is equally important. 

  1. Stick To Quality & Verify Warranty Agreements

Quality is one of the most important factors for your restaurant equipment. It’s important to stay within your budget, however, it’s also essential to select the equipment of the best quality within your price range. While making purchases, be sure to check and verify all warranty agreements with the manufacturer. Improper or void agreements can result in large additional costs when service and maintenance is required for your equipment. 

  1. Measure Kitchen Space

It’s important to understand your kitchen’s layout and the amount of space available to you before purchasing equipment. Buying equipment that’s too large or too small can have a detrimental effect on your kitchen’s output. Make sure you understand the space available in your kitchen before you make equipment purchases.

  1. Implement The Right Installation Practices & Institute Regular Maintenance

Installation practices are important so that the expensive equipment you buy is placed correctly in your kitchen and is operationally viable. On the other hand, regular maintenance is essential for the longevity of all your kitchen equipment. Prepare a detailed maintenance schedule and ensure your employees follow through on maintenance appointments. Always have qualified and company-approved technicians conduct service checks regularly.

Eight Types Of Essential Equipment Required To Start A Restaurant

Now that you understand the importance of having the right restaurant equipment and the factors you need to consider during purchase, here’s a list of essential equipment you need when starting a commercial kitchen:

  1. Refrigerators & Ice Machines

Refrigeration forms the core of essential equipment for a commercial kitchen. Refrigerators and freezers can store raw materials & produce for long periods, and extend their shelf life. Ice machines, on the other hand, help you stay stocked up on ice - an important component for preparing beverages, desserts, and even general cooking.

  1. Food Processors, Mixers, & Slicers

Food prep and processing is what helps your chefs and cooks prepare food in time. Equipment such as processors, mixers, and slicers allow your staff to be ready with all the material they require for cooking. Having quality food processing equipment is integral to running an efficient restaurant.

  1. Cooking Equipment

Ranges, ovens, fryers, and kettles are the mainstays of any commercial kitchen. These pieces of cooking equipment will allow you to prepare just about anything and help you produce multiple dishes in a short period. 

  1. Beverage Equipment

Dedicated beverage equipment is necessary for any operation that intends on providing full-service experiences to its customers. Beverage equipment allows your staff to prepare, store, and serve beverages - both hot and cold. Invest in quality beverage equipment to serve your customers with the drink of their choice on time while maintaining quality.

  1. Food Warmers & Food Holding Equipment

It’s not always possible to prepare food during rush hour and serve it on time. Chefs often prepare food beforehand to help with the large number of orders that come in during busy periods. Food warmers allow your staff to keep food warm and fresh until it's plated and ready to be served.

  1. Chef Knives

Knives are not only used for chopping up produce or slicing meat, they’re also used to carve up artisanal and roasted meats, to prepare garnishes, and to add final touches to some dishes. Elegant, efficient, and durable knives are integral to the safety and quality of the operation you run. Be sure to purchase high-quality knives for your restaurant kitchen.

  1. Commercial Sinks & Dishwashers

Ware wash is one of the most important aspects of a commercial kitchen. Not only is it important for a smooth operation, but it’s also integral to the food safety and hygiene standards of your operation. Invest in quality commercial sinks and dishwashers for an efficient ware washing area.

  1. Kitchen Safety Equipment

Don’t forget to stock up on the right variety of waste management, fire safety, and ventilation equipment for your kitchen before you begin operations. These pieces of equipment are integral to work safety and customer protection standards set by the authorities and ignoring them can result in penalties.


Be sure to do the requisite amount of research, and plan your purchases based on your establishment’s requirements, the space available to you, & long-term business goals. Kitchen equipment defines the quality of your offerings, so it’s important to not make a compromise when making your purchases. 

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