February 16, 2017

The World's Most Expensive 'Aged' Chocolate

Aged To’ak chocolate, made from the rarest and most ancient Nacional cacao, is allegedly the world’s most expensive ‘aged’ chocolate, priced at $270 (AED992) per 50 grams bar and is available for purchase online in the UAE.


Produced in Ecuador and made of cacao and cane sugar, the “vintage” chocolate is aged in a Spanish elm wooden box. Dark chocolate is rich with tannins and other polyphenols, which largely determine what we taste in dark chocolate and how it feels in our mouth. Over time, the compounds are chemically altered through processes such as oxidation. The result is tremendously intensified flavour.

Certified as ‘halal’, the chocolate comes in three versions: dark, light and first edition. The dark version is made of 80.5% cacao while the light version is made up of 73%. They are priced at $270 (AED992) per bar, with only 250 (50 grams) bars produced. The first edition version is priced at $260 (AED955), with up to 574 bars produced. It’s made up of 81% cacao.

Each chocolate bar is presented in a hand-crafted Spanish Elm wood box that includes a pair of hand-made tasting utensils.
AccordingtoTo’ak, the chocolate has been used by Michelin-starred chefs and is available for purchase onlineintheUAE and in a few select stores around the world.

To’ak chocolate is sourced exclusively from 14 cacao growers in the valley of Piedra de Plata, Ecuador.

Spotted Article featured in Arabian Business.


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