November 08, 2016

Mouthwatering Cookies by Cuisine D'Amour

During lunch at a restaurant in Jbeil, a box landed on my table. "Good morning, you don't know me but I knew you'll be in Jbeil. My name is Michelle and I baked two cookies for you. I'd love you to try them and tell me what you think... I have to go." Ok! A stranger encounter... After finishing my lunch, I grabbed one of the cookies and then the next; Oh My Gosh! I felt I was being transported to New York city in every bite.


Michelle Khory is a passionate cook who loves to bake and experience new recipes. She's always looking for innovative ways to make cookies and from what I tasted day, I can definitely tell you that her cookies are like none other in town.

Let me tell you what I tasted...

A white cookie, a giant white cookie which reminded me, in taste and look, of something I tried at Levain Bakery New York, which in my opinion serves the world's best cookie. A giant white chocolate cookie mixed with chocolate chips and walnuts. Served warm, this cookie is a killer! A tender and fluffy cookie with molten chocolate chips and crunchy walnuts on top. This giant cookie is so tender it melts under your teeth like butter, a soft crunchy border. The taste is sweet, soft, smooth and light...  But thankfully not too sweet... Bravo! I have never enjoyed such a tasty cookie in Lebanon before.

The chocolate cookie was just as good. Double chocolate with peanut butter chips. A soft heart, a firm envelope, molten chocolate chips and a light saltiness left behind from the peanut butter. I have never ever had a better cookie before.

It was an amazing experience. So rich, so intense and so good! And that dough... breathtaking.

Her name is Michelle Khoury, her account on instagram is Cuisine D'Amour. I recommend you to try her cookies.






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