May 09, 2021

Things You Need To Make Sushi at Home

One of the major perks of traveling is getting to try an array of cuisines that are popular in different parts of the world. How do you get that at home?

As much fun as going elsewhere to try these delicacies, sometimes it’s nice to come back to the home base but still get to indulge. If you enjoy tightly packed fresh fish and rice, you could roll your own sushi. As a fun and rewarding activity to engage in from the comfort of your own kitchen, consider the things you need to make sushi at home.


As you begin to gather ingredients, there are some items that you’ll need regardless of the type of roll. Other requirements will depend on the type of sushi roll you’d like to make and whether there is any sauce or seeding on top. You may also need to acquire spicy mayo or cream cheese if that’s your desired sushi type.

  • Rice—You can’t just use any rice; it needs to be sticky rice. Acquire sushi rice for roll stability.
  • Seaweed Sheets—Nori seaweed sheets adhere to the rice to form the roll wall. They can be on either the inside or the outside of the ride, depending on how you want the outside of the roll to appear.
  • Soy Sauce—Soy sauce is a sushi staple though it is not a requirement. If you’ve eaten sushi before, you know it’s a condiment of choice.
  • Sesame Seeds—Not all roll types have sesame seeds, but a lot do, so be sure to get them if there’s a chance that you’ll need them.
  • Wasabi—This Japanese horseradish plant paste can come in a gummier form that can be rolled, or in a more liquid form. Both are acceptable to add that spiciness to your meal. You can also get fresh wasabi to grind for your sushi, but that might be more expensive.
  • Ginger—Pickled and thinly sliced ginger often comes as a garnish on your sushi plate. It may look like a flower and come in pink or an off-white color. It’s used as a palette cleanser that helps to distinguish flavors between rolls.
  • Seafood—The type of fish you’ll want to get will vary depending on your roll choice. Explore different options to gather a few choices.
  • Vegetables—Like the fish, the vegetables (or fruits if you want to be specific) such as avocado, cucumber, jalapeno, or asparagus will differ based on the rolls you’re making.


  • Bamboo Mat—The bamboo sushi mat is the main tool you will need to make sushi at home. It is sturdy enough to pack it tight and flexible enough to be rolled.
  • Plastic Wrap—You will need to lay plastic wrap between the bamboo mat and the ingredients. This will not only keep your ingredients intact and from seeping through the mat’s crevices, but it will also keep them from sticking.
  • Knife—You will need to test the sharpness of a knife before trying to cut through your sushi rolls. Choose one that is precise to ensure your delicate work isn’t smushed instead of sliced.

Knowing the different things you need to make sushi at home will allow you to plan for a perfect travel meal at home. It can be fun to try new things, and it’s also nice to be able to indulge in the things we love even when we can’t take an adventure at that time.

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