July 29, 2015 Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Lola: I Wasn't Expecting to Leave So Happy
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Phone Number: +961-4-983440

Address: Naas, Bickfaya, Metn, Lebanon

Website: http://www.restaurantlola.net/

Price Range: 90-140 $


Welcoming: 3/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 27/30

Architecture / Interior: 8/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Value for money: 6/10

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Nestled on a Naas hill is an old stone house is Lola, a three leveled restaurant that boasts an amazing view, enjoys soothing music, while the warm lights embraces the old wood used to decorate the space. 


Leave your car and walk through the isle to the main dining area. A terrace occupies the left side while the kitchen grills and fries fresh ingredients. Six steps lead to the main space where the wooden tables are some surrounded by chairs and others benches. The bar is the main attraction, a long bar occupying the space from side to side. Trees block the view, but don't mind that because you can sit in the lower garden.

I've never been to Lola during winter, but the inner space is where the enchantment is. An old cottage with a load of chandeliers hanging from a ceiling covered with wood. A bar, a chimney, a clock and a floor covered with stone. The garden is nice, I would surely organize an event here. Green grass and metal, white chairs and wooden tables under white parasols.

We decided to sit outside on the first level. Soft music plays in the background of a well-lit space, which made me happy and ready to take some beautiful shots. The pergola is decorated with old window shutters and colorful pillows add a touch of freshness, trees and greenery fill the space and red stones from the area cover the walls.


The menu is printed on a single brown sheet of stiff paper:

  • Nos soupes
  • Receillez vos papilles
  • Nos bruschettas
  • Bon à partager
  • Côté grillé
  • Nos signatures
  • Côté enfants
  • Nos boissons
  • Côté délices



  • Burrata, unique of its kind, and surely different from others I've had. A molten ball of mozzarella burrata on a bed of roquette leaves, with a parsley purée and figs marinated in wine with wine vinaigrette flavored with figs. Just imagine the result.
  • Goat's cheese with crunchy pain de mie served on a wooden board. Beautifully served with fresh mint leaves, carefully cooked cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, grilled carrots, potatoes and zucchini with broccoli. A melted heart of goat's cheese served warm with grilled almonds and the lightly crunchy toasted bread. Delicious cheese, amazing vegetables, unique presentation. Lovely!
  • Artichoke served with rocket leaves and a pesto sauce. Crunchy, fresh artichoke in a lemony sauce on a bed of rocket leaves.
  • The special plate: We were offered a new plate, which will be landing on the menu soon. A bed of purée, grilled mushrooms and moist sole. A great combination of different textures with a sweet reduction. I'm in love with those romaine leaves used as a decoration making this plate one that fine dining restaurants would serve. I enjoyed the color, the flavors, the grilled mushrooms. 
  • Carpaccio St. Daniel... Like you've never seen before. Simply slices of ham topped with a line of mixed fresh purslane and thyme with green olives and dried tomatoes. Balsamic cream for the sweet and sour boost and the grilled bread, buttered and crunchy, served warm slices of bread. Take a slice, place the St. Daniel ham, Parmesan, the mixed greens, some sauce and enjoy. That's a wow thing.


  • Wagyu beef served on a wooden board with greens on the side. Fries boosted with salt and a crisp and the beef on the side. Red on the inside, juicy and tender, the meat needs nothing to be enjoyed. With salt on top, this meat out a smile on my face.


  • Escalope de veau: I usually call it pate d'elephant, a large veal filet served with rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes and lemon quarters. Dry for me, too dry, lacks juiciness and body. How about some spinach in fresh cream to add the missing touch?


  • “Truffles their way”and it works. Chocolate truffles with chocolate chips around a scoop of Chico mint ice cream in the chef's special sauce. An amazing dessert, just perfect. Good sweetness, good texture and an amazing taste.


  • The pain perdu:To start it takes too much time to do. Second it's served too hot and not ready to eat. Third, it continues to cook in the plate and becomes too gooey. I personally found it to be too sweet and too milky... Bread over soaked in its milk turns a dessert into something like kids food. That's not a pain perdu I liked.


During the past week, whoever is asking me for an opinion of where to go, I’m recommending Lola, a great escape this summer.





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