October 22, 2021

Top 5 Jobs in the Hospitality Industry and Degrees Needed for Them

Do you love to host guests? Do you like offering your assistance to enhance their experience? Are you calm and patient by nature? Do your friends and acquaintances always compliment you for your charming and pleasant persona? If yes, then you may be an ideal candidate for the hospitality industry.

The hospitality sector is growing by leaps and bounds, and being a part of this booming industry can definitely fetch you a respectable and affluent lifestyle. If you are someone who is planning to enter the hospitality sector but do not have adequate knowledge of the same, let us enlighten you. 

We will reveal the five best jobs that you can aspire for in the hospitality industry. But let us shed some light on the industry first. And yes, during your studies, you can use essay writing help from professional essay writers for your college assignments while you prepare yourself for your dream job.

A Tad Bit About Hospitality Jobs

The hospitality sector offers multiple job opportunities to those who aim at becoming a part of this amazing industry. The entire hospitality sector operates with the core concept of helping and serving others. So, the majority of the job profiles revolve around offering impeccable services to clients and enhancing their overall experience. 

If you wish to bag a respectable job in the hospitality sector, you need to have an ardent passion for offering your best foot forward every single time. No matter what, you are not allowed to lose your temper. You should have amazing communication skills and calm nature. Even in difficult situations, you should be able to maintain your composure and be courteous to the clients. 

Once you enter the industry with an entry-level position, there will be ample chances to move up the ladder by excelling in your everyday role. Better the job profile, the higher your salary will be. 

5 Best High-Paying Hospitality Jobs to Compete For

Hotel Manager

Running an entire hotel is not a cakewalk. A hotel manager is responsible for managing each operation that takes place within the hotel. They need to keep a check on staff management and should also be able to look after the requirements of every guest. 

The manager acts as the personal embodiment of the hotel itself. They are responsible for promoting and enhancing the hotel's image. They also have to organize regular staff meetings, decide upon the goals and budgets, and be sensitive toward customer concerns and complaints. 

For becoming a hotel manager in a renowned hotel, one needs to have a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management or Hospitality.

Executive Chef

If you love to cook up delicious dishes, then this role is perfect for you. An executive chef is responsible for overseeing the overall kitchen operations of a restaurant or a hotel. From hiring and training kitchen staff to planning menus, from maintaining the taste, texture, and presentation of dishes to acquiring feedback from guests — an executive chef does it all. 

A degree in culinary arts or relevant diploma, along with lots of experience and hard work, can help you become the executive chef in any reputed restaurant. 

Director of Housekeeping

If you love to keep your surroundings spick and span, the housekeeping department can be the ideal one. The director of housekeeping generally supervises and administers different housekeeping teams, cleaners, room attendants, etc. They need to offer maximum hygiene and cleanliness within the available budget. 

One needs to have at least a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality to be able to become the director of housekeeping in a hotel. Further, you should have adequate experience as a housekeeping team member before you reach this dream position. 

Flight Attendant

A flight attendant serves food, drinks as well as takes care of all the passengers inside an aircraft. They need to be highly amicable and patient as well as knowledgeable about the technicalities of flight journeys. Their role is to make passengers feel comfortable, safe, and secure. If you love to fly high, then this can be your dream job role. 

You will have to be a high-school pass out as well as possess the certification issued by the Federal Aviation Department.

Corporate Travel Manager

Corporate travel managers need to have that wanderlust within themselves to be able to offer efficient travel management. You will be working for a corporate travel company and plan itineraries for business executives as well as their employees. Travel managers need to be well-versed with overseas travel regulations, ongoing packages, the latest discounts, and premium accommodations. 

A diploma or degree in travel and tourism will help you become an efficient travel manager.


The zest to help others and intensify their experience can land you some amazing job opportunities in the hospitality sector. If you feel that you have it in you and are made for this industry, start preparing from the beginning. Learn skills that can supplement your profession. Opt for courses that can take you closer to your dream job. Remember, the sooner you start preparing for the journey, the better your experience will be when you reach the destination.

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