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Top Bakeries in Orlando

Orlando may be known for its theme parks and sunny weather, but it’s also home to many spots to find delicious, authentic Italian cannolis. This classic Sicilian dessert, made of a crispy fried dough shell filled with a sweet, creamy ricotta mixture, can be found in various forms across this vibrant city. From traditional recipes to unique, modern twists, here’s where to find the best cannolis in Orlando, starting with a local favorite, Mecatos Bakery and Cafe.

1. Mecatos Bakery and Cafe Orlando

While primarily known for its Colombian coffee and pastries, Mecatos Bakery and Cafe also offers an outstanding version of the classic Italian cannoli, making it a must-visit spot for dessert lovers. Visit Mecatos Bakery and Cafe not just for its excellent coffee and Colombian treats but also for its delicious cannolis, which are carefully crafted to offer a perfect blend of traditional textures and flavors. Check Out Mecatos Bakery in Kirkman Road, Orlando.

What Makes Mecatos Special:

  • Authenticity: Each cannoli is filled with a perfectly balanced sweetened ricotta cheese mixture, containing just the right amount of sweetness.
  • Freshness: Mecatos prepares its cannolis with care, ensuring that every component, from the crispy shell to the creamy filling, is fresh and flavorful.
  • Variety: Alongside traditional cannolis, Mecatos sometimes offers variations featuring different fillings and toppings, providing new tastes for returning customers.

2.Valentina’s Pizzeria and Wine Bar

Valentina’s Pizzeria and Wine Bar is a staple in the Orlando food scene for those who know about Italian cuisine. This cozy establishment serves some of the best pizzas in town and offers a fantastic array of classic Italian desserts, including some of the most authentic cannolis outside of Italy.

What to Try:

  • Classic Cannoli: Filled with a traditional ricotta cheese mixture and dusted with powdered sugar, these cannolis are as genuine as they come.
  • Dip Options: Valentina’s serves its cannolis with chocolate and pistachio dips, allowing you to customize your dessert experience.

3.Cariera’s Cucina Italiana

Located in the heart of Dr. Phillips, Cariera’s Cucina Italiana is a beloved family-run restaurant that prides itself on delivering a genuine Italian dining experience. Their dessert menu is a highlight, featuring homemade cannolis that keeps regulars returning for more.

Specialty Desserts:

  • Homemade Cannolis: Cariera’s takes pride in its homemade cannoli shells, filled with a rich and creamy ricotta mixture infused with vanilla and a hint of citrus.
  • Presentation: Each cannoli is elegantly garnished with chocolate shavings or chopped pistachios, adding an extra layer of flavor and texture.

4. The Sicilian Oven

The Sicilian Oven, known for its authentic Sicilian recipes and wood-fired pizzas, also offers a dessert menu that features exquisite cannolis. This spot is perfect for diners who enjoy a robust meal followed by a superb traditional dessert.

Why Visit:

  • Authentic Sicilian Cannolis: These cannolis stick to their Sicilian roots, boasting smooth, creamy fillings with a hint of lemon to cut through the sweetness.
  • Ambiance: The restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere makes it ideal for family gatherings or romantic dinners where dessert is a must.

5. Prato

Located on Park Avenue in Winter Park, Prato is celebrated for its modern Italian fare, but its dessert menu, particularly the cannolis, is equally impressive. This stylish spot offers a contemporary take on Italian cuisine, including a unique twist on the traditional cannoli.

What Sets Prato Apart:

  • Modern Cannoli: Prato’s Cannoli is a modernized version featuring a lighter, almost mousse-like ricotta filling and sometimes incorporating unexpected ingredients like candied orange peels or chocolate chips.
  • Dining Experience: With its sophisticated decor and lively atmosphere, Prato offers a dining experience that complements its innovative approach to Italian desserts.


Orlando’s culinary scene provides options for those seeking the best cannolis, from traditional interpretations at places like Valentina’s Pizzeria, Wine Bar, and Cariera’s Cucina Italiana to modern twists at Prato. For those looking for a multicultural experience, Mecatos Bakery and Cafe offers a delightful fusion version that blends Italian tradition with Colombian flair. Each of these establishments promises a meal and a memorable culinary adventure in the heart of Orlando.

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