July 13, 2013 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Tramway Beirut: Fresh, Quick and Healthy (Restaurant Closed)

Tramway is a place you can not miss if you're around the ABC Mall Achrafieh. This professional and colorful design facing Bank of Beirut is something interesting to check out. Right next to Malak el Taouk, Tramway is an address I discovered lately and do recommend you try. A one door shop and a long bar is all you see from the outside, but the minute you walk in, be ready to taste and indulge in their unique sandwich creations...
A couple of months ago, I accidentally stumbled upon Tramways's website to discover a professional webpage filled with mouthwatering images describing the concept inside out. I thought since I was in the neighborhood today, it was time I go in and see what's it all about.
The restaurant in divided into two levels where the seating area and the long fridge are hosted. A nice colorful fridge designed into three tramway wagons with their wheels and numbers. Light blue and red, two colors constitute an identity I liked.
The place in couple of lines:
  • The floor is covered by grey concrete
  • Light wood material covers the walls
  • Menus are displayed behind the working space inside red frames
  • Three fridges are set up in tramway wagons
  • On the right, the main long wall is covered with colourful stickers and signs
  • A Nestea machine as well as a blue Barista espresso machine
  • The white ceiling makes the space looks fresh and big
  • The seating area consists of three long wood bars with their dark stools in front
  • Smokers can sit outside and be a part of the busy neighborhood in Achrafieh
Tramway is based on one single item, a unique one, introduced newly to Lebanon and on which the place's existence stands. An advanced technological oven that cooks fresh and crunchy french baguettes in exactly 45 seconds. Yes, real fresh bread baked in front of your eyes in just 45 seconds; then filled with the ingredients of your choice.
If only most restaurants in town can implement this machine in-house and make tasty bread on the spot...
The menu choices:
  • Trams from around the World
  • Trams Green Zone
  • Trams Teasers
  • Pizza Stop
  • TramsHot and Cool
  • Trams Delights
Tramway_Beirut27 We Ordered:
  • Mexico Chicken Quesadilla (Grilled marinated chicken breast, cheddar cheese, sautéed onion and pepper mix served with guacamole sauce) 7,000L.L
  • Philadelphia Cheese Steak (Grilled marinated beef filet, Swiss cheese, sautéed onion, fresh mushroom, pepper mix and sweet corn served with mayo sauce) 8,000L.L
  • St. Tropez Shrimp (Shrimp, romaine lettuce, green onion, diced tomato, pepper mix, fresh coriander and avocado paste served with cocktail sauce) 8,000L.L
We ordered three sandwiches with fries and sat down to dissect each one. Like a Lebanese version of Subway, Tramway offers a large choice of sandwiches in their unique 45sec baguettes filled with rich ingredients and fresh vegetables. Choose, order, pay and two minutes after, be prepared for a quick yet deliciously fulfilling lunch that's light on the stomach at the same time.
I enjoyed it to the maximum... A decent Sandwicheria in the heart of Achrafieh:
  • Delicious bread
  • Tender and soft
  • Light on the stomach
  • Well filled and generous portions
  • Creative and tasty mixes
  • Soft non-chewy chicken and meat
  • Affordable
We decided to go for the meal option for 10,000L.L, including fries and coke. Not only are the sandwiches at Tramway exquisite but their fries are exceptional as well. Crunchy hot and fresh, their fries reminded me of the ones we have at Burger King, they are that good.
I would change:
  • Ice please, with the soft drinks
  • A soft drink draft machine will be better enjoyed and will surely boost up the concept
  • I don't see the place for the electric blue Espresso machine - too strong of a color in here. Reconsider this piece
For a quick, affordable and tasty bite in Beirut, Tramway is a place to visit. I enjoyed the simplicity behind every bite.





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