June 11, 2020

UNIPAK Launches The Shop: A Ready to Purchase E-commerce Line

Created by UNIPAK, UNIPAK The Shop is seeking to respond to the new market demands in this changing marketplace and fulfill the needs of e-commerce businesses. It aims to offer a wide array of standard e-commerce delivery packaging solutions to small and growing businesses that will be able to order small volumes of standard boxes online or by visiting the physical shops in Halat and Zahle.

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The line is a comprehensive solution for small-to medium-sized businesses within the apparel, fashion and home designs, personal care, pharmaceutical, electronic, and supermarket industries that require standard delivery boxes. The products can determine new online shopping trends while remaining committed to the environment with eco-friendly, recycled, and sustainable boxes. The line includes several e-commerce boxes with or without handles, in addition to grocery boxes and the environmentally friendly corrugated bubble. (Shopping)

It is with delight that we announce the launch of UNIPAK The Shop – our new ready packaging line for the e-commerce industry. Having listened to the needs of our community in these unprecedented times that have shaped the way we think and made us come to term with the reality of a new life where everything is done remotely, from a distance; we have come up with the new e-commerce standard package product line under the umbrella of “UNIPAK The Shop”, that allows you to purchase small quantities of 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard to adapt to your customers’ shopping behaviors. Today, small and growing businesses in Lebanon will be able to order small quantities of standard e-commerce delivery boxes via our Instagram page, Whatsapp number or by visiting our physical shops in Halat and Zahle. The new line encompasses different models for different uses such as food, retail, cosmetics, small electronic devices and grocery delivery. Click here to view our e-commerce line.

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