November 06, 2012

Utopias: Beer Can Also Be Enjoyed Like a Glass of Fine Cognac

If you're a beer fan, then you'll pay around $190 for a bottle of this limited edition of Utopias beer. This is a beer that can be enjoyed in style...

The 10th anniversary edition of Sam Adams ultra-strong Utopias beer is out with 27% alcohol. The bottles are beautifully shaped like a brewery's copper kettle. The tag on the bottle, written by Sam Adams founder Jim Koch, say this year's version is blend that mixes new beer, made with dark malts and German hops, with some 20-year-old batches of the brewery's Triple Bock, the super-strong beer that predated the first release of Utopias in 2002. The beer also spent time in bourbon and port casks. "As a result," Koch writes, " ... Utopias invokes the flavors of rich vintage port, fine Cognac or or aged sherry, while feeling surprisingly light on the palate."

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