July 14, 2018

Via Appia Jbeil: A New Farmers Market Opens in Byblos

Open every Saturday from 4 till 10 pm.

The VIA APPIA BYBLOS association offers to the participants in the weekly market a permanent exhibition and selling area on the UNESCO place in collaboration with Byblos International Festival.

Via Appia Farmers Market brochure

The Local Action Group VIA APPIA BYBLOS is a non-profit organization, established in 2008 and registered at the Ministry of the Interior with registered number 1535/2008.The objectives of Via Appia are:

  • To support common action tools for local rural development in the Jbeil region;
  • To carry out activities contributing to the integrated rural development of local communities based on the enhancement of different resources  in the Jbeil region (agrifood and traditional artisanal products, and historical, cultural and natural resources):
  • To identify small enterprises, historical sites and traditional crafts, as well as the geographical origin of local products on the route of the Byblos- Héliopolis Roman road, and publish an atlas and a guidebook of local and Mediterranean products;
  • To improve and control the quality of production, in line with international standards, in order to facilitate the marketing of local products bearing the Mediterranean quality label, and the development of production.


In addition to the guided tours aimed to discover the tourist and historic sites of Byblos district, the association VIA APPIA BYBLOS organises a weekly market of agricultural and craft traditional products every Saturday focusing on local products: fruit and vegetables, aromatic herbs, spices and essential oils,  bread, galettes and pastry,  wine, arak,  fruit juices and fruit and vegetable-derived products, pickles, jams, honey, molasses, dairy products, massepain ... as well as traditional handicrafts (pottery, basketry, etc…).


The weekly market takes place in a small square in the vicinity of the Crusader Castle in the ancient town of Jbeil, in front of the Wax Museum.  The VIA APPIA BYBLOS association provides participants with the equipment required (tents, exhibition stands, and tables) and gives access to microcredit adapted to their needs.

Launched in April 2017, this market is held every Saturday and involves around twenty exhibitors from Jbeil and other regions, in collaboration with different associations and municipalities, in particular, Byblos municipality, offering to farmers and producers the direct contact with consumers, and developing the concept and principles of fair trade.

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