February 22, 2019 Paris France Europe

Visconti Madeleine: Casual Homey Italian Pasta in Paris
Non-smokers friendly
Casual Dining

An Italian trattoria just behind the Madeleine was my choice for a quick Italian dinner in Paris. An Italian waiter welcomes you, not too smiley though! Dimmed lights and a cozy ambiance, in a restaurant, spread on two floors. With a simple menu proposing some pasta dishes, meat and starters, choosing what to eat is kind of easy; no pizza and no risotto in this Italian restaurant.


Unfortunately, all plates contain garlic but the waiter was gentle enough to propose alternatives except the tomato sauce which is cooked earlier.

Tomato carpaccio with burrata cheese to start; a simple, refreshing plate made of blood-red tomatoes and a milky burrata cheese.


Delicious casual pasta dishes cooked the homey Italian way: pasta cooked al dente, firm and not sticky. Spaghetti with sausage skin and green leaves, pasta with truffle cream and linguini Alfredo. I enjoyed the three plates, texture and taste.

Casual Italian dining in Paris, try Visconti; good value for money.

Suitable For: Casual Dining


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