June 14, 2015

What's in the World's Most Expensive Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

Would you pay $214 for a cheese sandwich? Maybe not... but would you would be curious to know what's inside it right? New York's restaurant Serendipity 3 chef Joe Calderone decided to create a pricey grilled cheese sandwich, let's see why it costs this much.

The world's ultimate comfort food is given a whole new meaning...The bread used has been baked with Dom Perignon champagne, topped with grass-fed butter mixed with white truffle and the last integral ingredient is the rare Caciocavallo cheese. It is also served with a tomato lobster bisque in a crystal and glass and the bread is topped with 23 carat gold leaf when it comes out of the grill

If you would like to try one, you have to give 48 hours notice to be served.

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