March 01, 2014 Lebanon Middle East

When Burger King decides to serve Chicken Sashimi!

I have previously visited Burger King’s branch in City Centre, and I wasn’t satisfied. Being a regular customer and a big fan of this chain, I find it very disturbing to be served this kind inedible food.

The first time I visited this branch was a year ago, I order my favorite meal: the king chicken filet! The meal was a complete disaster! The chicken was chewy, the bun was definitely expired, it was the driest bun I’ve ever had, I couldn't even bend it... I had colored water for drinks; it was supposed to be Coke… Old cooked fries, fried twice or maybe 3 times with a weird reddish color, oily and cold as ice! I immediately sent an email to the administration which apologized and asked for details, so I thought they took some action and changed a few things… WELL THEY DIDN’T! I visited Burger King’s City Centre branch and ordered the chicken tenderloins and fries with EXTRA BBQ sauce and I repeated the word EXTRA for a few times. I received one BBQ sauce and after begging for more and PLENTY... I received another ONE! I started with the tenderloin, the chicken was raw! Completely raw! After checking all the pieces, I decided to head to the counter and talk to the manager who didn’t even bother to approach and was answering me from meters away. I didn’t want to speak out loud in front of other customers, who were standing in line, and tried to call her several time and she was trying to read my lips! For god’s sake lady, just come closer so you can hear what I’m saying! After a few times, she approached me, and took the chicken saying: no problem we will change them. After 15 mins, the manager came to our table with a new bash of tenderloins and apologized for the inconvenience. But unfortunately, the chicken was once again raw and completely pink, so we left them at the table and left.

Too bad for an international chain, the rest of the branches are doing just fine, but this branch is a big NO! Never again…

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