May 21, 2015

'World's Most Expensive Cookbook' Launched at Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival is not only about movies and stars... For the first time in 68 years of Cannes Film Festival that a cookbook is being launched here and this in not just any cook book...


Vikas Khanna's latest book 'Utsav - A culinary epic of Indian festivals' was unveiled to the world at French Riviera in Cannes. It has taken more than 12 years for Michelin Star Chef to research, write, photograph this book which is setting the price of the most expensive cookbook in the World, US$13,000.

The limited edition of the book will have a poem embossed in gold ink. The coffee table book contains over 1,000-page, 1,000 recipes from 70 Indian festivals. The book celebrates the festival’s rituals, ceremonies and customs of food through sacred ingredients.

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