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Youmna’s Homemade Kebbeh: Our Family Love it!
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Thick and well condensed, juicy with a soft hard envelop... loaded with oil, pleasantly moist and strongly textured; taking me on a trip to Zgharta and back, I felt a smile is drawn on my face... I was happy to eat Youmna’s Kebbeh Zghertewiyeh in Beirut. THis Kebbeh is simple, not stuffed, one layer of it; it's a specialty of Zghorta.


A housewife that turned entrepreneur started working from home, sharing a long protected family secret: “The Kebbeh.” When it comes to Kebbeh, no one does it better than the “Zghortyott.” When every village in Lebanon has a bakery for Manakish, Up in Zgharta, they have three bakeries for Kebbeh and Kebbeh only. Visit on a Saturday or a Sunday, you'll have to wait in line for hours to have your kebbeh cooked. Mazout-fired ovens with a stone bottom, their temperature is so high, specially designed to “fry” Kebbeh; because Kebbeh in Zgharta is cooked in oil, completely covered to bake and crunch.

Back to Youmna’s Kebbeh. Youmna managed to adapt Zgharta’s Kebbeh, baking at home and selling in a frozen nylon packaging, ready to bake or heat depending on your need. Kebbeh is hard to do and housewives' nightmare so why the hassle since you can buy it readymade -at home?!


Using her granny’s experience and an assortment of local and well-picked ingredients, Youmna created traditional authentic recipes with a twist to satisfy those who desire its original taste and those who seek a fusion cuisine of old and new. Train your kids to eat healthily, train them about traditional food that nourishes and delights.

“Kebbeh bel Sanniyeh” came next. Two thin layers of Kebbeh, much meat, a bit of Bulgur wheat and stuffed with minced meat and pines. You feel the Kebbeh; you feel the meat; I loved the texture, enjoyed the juiciness and the lack of oil. With Laban and cucumbers, the Kebbeh made our family lunch, and everyone loved it.


Youmna’s Kebbeh has become a weekly habit at home. -next on the list, I'm trying “Kebbeh b Sha7me”.


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