November 09, 2013

Your New Best Friend: Monsieur Robotic Bartender

When we hear the words robot and alcohol in the same sentence, we get curious. The box-shaped Monsieur  features a pump system that can accurately measure drinks from up to 16 liquid containers. Intelligent featuresinclude a mobile app for ordering, personalized recommendations based on your drink history, and an alert that helps call a cab when your blood alcohol content gets too high.

Drink Maker

Monsieur can make 300 different cocktails out of the box and comes pre-loaded with 12 different theme packages each containing about 25 drinks in each theme. Theme packages include: Modern, Tiki Bar, Sports Bar, Cigar Bar, Irish Pub, Cinco De Mayo, Classic, Girl’s Night Out, Happy Holidays, Mardi Gras, Non-Alcoholic, Modern.


This robot wants to find its way into homes, offices that don’t already have a bartender on hand. In that regard, Givens compares Monsieur to automated coffee makers like Keurig and Nespresso. Capsule machines offer coffee drinkers a consistent cup of coffee without ruining the business for baristas. A four-pump unit starts at $1,499, while an eight-pump model starts at $2,699. A larger 16-pump version with custom finishes is being designed for bars and restaurants with prices as high as $5,000. The Kickstarter for $100,000 has been funded and ends in a few weeks. The Atlanta-based creators of Monsieur plan to have a limited number of units shipped out during Holiday 2013 and the rest of the units will be spread out across the first half of 2014.  
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