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Souk el Akel: Lebanon's Street Food Market Kicks Its Summer Season
Jun 17, 2018

Eat, Meet, Greet and Treat yourself to the very best culinary experiences Lebanon has to offer! At Souk el Akel you'll find edible delights to suit all tastes and…


Souk el Akel: Lebanon's Street Food Market Kicks Its Summer Season





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BitFood: A New Delivery App Hits the Market


October 10, 2017 | Middle East

A new delivery application hits the market: Check Bitfood! Bitfood is the easiest and fastest way to order food. Order pick up or delivery from your local restaurants wherever you are. Use your phone’s gps location to set your…

It's Not About Who Follows You... It's About Who's Around You!


September 11, 2017 | Popular

Happy to share with you the future of social media, "Now Me" a social networking application created, developed and designed by a Lebanese team. Now Me is a simple, secure and free way to meet people in the same 752m radius. The…

The New "NoGarlicNoOnions" Application, Now for Android and iPhone


September 03, 2017 | Popular

Add some flavour to your iPhones and Androids with NGNO's new App now available on the Apple Store. Yes, you heard right... we're now available on App Store, download our app free of charge and have us right under your fingertips, anytime,…

The Ultimate Food App Guide: The Applications You Should Know About


September 15, 2015 | Spotted Stories

With more and more of our favourite restaurants, brands, and food producers making their way online, it’s about time we followed suit and digitise the way we eat. From booking a table at a restaurant, to keeping up with the latest dieting…

Essential Apps for Foodies


July 26, 2015

Smartphones revolutionized the foodie lifestyle, but not in the way some people might expect. Sure, apps like facebook and instagram certainly come in handy, but there are many absolutely essential apps most food enthusiasts could not do…

Somabar: Robotic Bartender for your Home


January 07, 2015

Let's start the New Year with something fun... how about a robotic bartender and better yet, one that mixes exactly the cocktails you want upon instruction from your smartphone.   Yes indeed, that's the life, created by a Los…

What 200 Calories Look Like on Christmas

Spotted Stories

December 23, 2014

'Tis the season indeed, and eating is part of the whole celebration. To help you stay somehow fit check out Calorie counting mobile app Calorific, which helps people control food portion, sizes through clear visual representations. To make it more…

Egg Minder: Track Good and Bad Eggs on the Go

Food Gadgets

June 17, 2014

Egg Minder wirelessly connects to your mobile device to track the number of eggs you have and tell you when they’re going bad. In-tray LED lights indicate the oldest egg, while push notifications alert you when you’re running low. Check Egg Minder…

An Application Encouraging You to Get Drunk! - Drink Til You LIVR

Spotted Stories

March 25, 2014

Drinking heavily in the presence of your smartphone is one of the best ways to rebel in the 21st century. Nothing says ‘I’m King Boss and I Do What I Want’ like maybe sending a misspelt text to a friend or leaving hilarious voicemails of you sobbing…

Ordering a Meal from Burger King is Now a Luxury

Spotted Stories

February 07, 2013

Let's start with some facts. Founded in 1954, Burger King is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. The original home of the Whopper, more than 12,600 BURGER KING restaurants serve over 11 million guests in 83 countries and…

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