August 13, 2019

“Keefak”, the Lebanese Arabic Language Mobile App

Languages open doors and Keefak’s aim is solidly anchored in every Lebanese’s DNA, bringing Lebanese abroad a step closer to their home country and more broadly building bridges between cultures. We need your precious support to take "Keefak" to the next level!

10 years after its inception, it’s time for the Keefak mobile application to grow up and go beyond what we can do as a benevolent unfunded team. This has been thoroughly analyzed over the course of this year; here's what motivates it and the roadmap ahead.  

Say Hi to project #Keefak2020

Keefak allows for French, English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese translation into Lebanese and it works through phonetic transliteration with no need to know the Arabic script. For example, the word Keefak? is the translation of ‘How are you?’ and is written in Latin letters.


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