October 17, 2021

FineDine’s Dynamic QR Menus Can Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue

FineDine’s Contactless Dynamic QR menus are powered by artificial intelligence and help restaurants track consumer behavior, drive better purchases, and have happier customers.

Customer experience is the number one factor that impacts profitability and retains loyal customers. With several industries still reeling from the impact of COVID-19, upgrading to smarter systems that allow convenience, time-saving, and safety can be crucial differentiators in business - and restaurants are no different.  

Compared to low-quality PDF menus that are confusing and difficult to navigate on mobile devices, FineDine’s Contactless Dynamic QR menus make use of high-quality images, videos, banners, and fonts of varying sizes that make the menus come alive. They also offer restaurants a powerful opportunity to collect valuable customer feedback and track consumer behavior that they can use to upsell and cross-sell, and drive better purchases.  

Backed by artificial intelligence, FineDine’s dynamic QR menu - a technology that the company has pioneered - is designed as an ‘infinite scrolling’ experience with the entire menu on one page. This reduces entry and exit points a guest needs to make to browse various sections of the menu before placing an order. The dynamic QR menus are specifically designed for smartphone use and offer a top-notch experience to guests.   

“Most standard QR menus on the market are in PDF form, are static, and don’t offer the ‘experience’ that a guest is looking for when they choose to dine at a restaurant. PDF menus are devoid of images, videos, and clickable links. The fact is, static PDF menus are the complete opposite of dynamic QR menus in how they make guests feel. 

Moreover, dynamic QR menus assist businesses with management and data analytics, allowing restaurant owners and decision-makers to see what their best-selling items are, helping them increase their profit margins and reduce administrative costs.” said Duygu Kutluoğlu Kılıç, co-founder and CEO of FineDine. 

Dynamic QR menus and their benefits: 

- Dynamic QR menus show high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and ingredient lists of the available foods and drinks. This means guests will not miss out on any allergen-related information.  

- Unlike PDFs that simply show a menu, dynamic QR menus collate data and guest feedback. They also have payment options embedded right inside the menu, allowing guests to place their orders directly. This feature is particularly useful for beach bars and restaurants where waiters are not nearby and may take longer to take an order. 

- Dynamic QR menus offer a chance to increase quality hospitality service with no barriers to communication. With 40 different language options, these menus enhance guests’ dining experience and eliminate communication problems, especially for international consumers. 

- Contactless Pay improves operations and gives staff more time for other jobs by allowing customers to pay for their meals directly.   

- QR menus can collect feedback and reviews and allow the staff to immediately address any problems that may arise. This ensures that the customers leave the restaurant happy and satisfied.  

- High-definition videos within the dynamic QR menu create stellar experiences for guests and offer a competitive edge to the restaurants as the visuals impact customers’ purchase decisions. 

- FineDine’s dynamic QR menus are used across several branches of a restaurant, they can be updated under one portal. This allows for more control when tracking consumer behavior while offering a holistic experience to customers.   

FineDine has dramatically improved sales and business revenue for numerous hospitality-based establishments all over the world and is expanding at a rapid rate in the UAE. FineDine is a trusted partner and works with Nusr-Et, Marriott Group, Armani Hotels, Godiva, Clap DIFC, Brunch & Cake, White (Addmind Hospitality Group), and Yamanote Atelier.  

To add to the list, FineDine services are utilized by brands such as La Mezcaleria, SKMD Ten 11, Pizza Hut, Applebees, La Grande Maison, Zaatar w Zeit, Aioli Lounge, among others globally. These eateries have overseen upwards of a 20% revenue increase with FineDine taking 0% commission.   

This profit growth has been created through an increase in table turnover due to less menu confusion and quicker decision times, increased ticket sizes in that consumers are alerted to the menu items that suit them best and enlarged tips due to an all-around smoother dining experience.  

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