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Celebrate Armenian Culture in Bourj Hammoud
Apr 10, 2018

Celebrate Armenian culture this Sunday in Bourj Hammoud. Street food, kids entertainment, Fun, superb Armenian food and much more to satisfy everyone. A premiere for…


Bourj Hammoud; Like You've Never Seen it Before...

How To Cut 7 Tricky Vegetables

Spotted Stories

March 24, 2017

A well-prepared vegetable is a tasty and nutritious thing. Eating a wide variety is a great way to keep mealtimes interesting while looking out for your health. There are some weird and wonderful vegetables to choose from, how can you eat them…

The Knife and the Kitchen Tool Guide


March 01, 2017 | Spotted Stories

Have you ever pulled a knife out of a knife block and wondered, “What is this used for? And why is it different than the 10 other knives in this block?” Or gotten a kitchen utensil set, pulled out some contraption, and wondered what…

Learn How to Cut Fruits Like a Professional


January 11, 2017

Some fruits seem hard to cut open and enjoy... This infograpgic from Pound Place will help you become a kitchen ninja.

A Crash-Course in Knife Anatomy

Spotted Stories

August 01, 2014

With all the books and blogs dedicated to the art of food, most focus exclusively on recipes. But while ingredients matter in the concoction of delicious and impressive meals, a solid knowledge of kitchen tools is also important. Readers of this…

Multi-purpose Cutting and Chopping Board

Food Gadgets

July 09, 2014

Let your inner chef come alive with this elegant Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board with Removable Chopping Mats. Made from bamboo, this multi-purpose cutting and chopping board is naturally anti-microbial and is 16 percent more durable than…

The Equalizer: Multi-Blade Rocker Knife

Food Gadgets

March 19, 2014

A precision cutting tool for slicing baked pizza into perfect equal slices instantly! Fast equal slice knife, perfect for school lunch programs Safe for operators to use, keeps fingers away from cutting Durable 18 gauge stainless steel For…

Contact Info: NGNO

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Address: [ view ]

Phone Number:

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Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto: Eating Italian at Lafayette Gourmet Paris


March 06, 2014 | Restaurants | France

A visit to Paris is not complete without visiting Lafayette Gourmet. Walking into this food haven all your worries and stress are wiped out of your mind. Every time I go there, I try one of their restaurants. The last time was the burger place...…

Contact Info: Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto

Phone Number:

Address: Lafayette Gourmet, Paris, Bloulevard Hausseman [ view ]

Phone Number:

Address: Lafayette Gourmet, Paris, Bloulevard Hausseman [ view ]

Slicing Cherry Tomatoes in Half is Easier than You Think

Spotted Stories

February 03, 2014

Slicing cherry tomatoes individually can be kind of time consuming. While we're never opposed to just eating them whole, sometimes you've got to slice into them. Here's a quick tip for halving handfuls of cherry tomatoes at a time, using a few…

2013 Round-up: My Favorite Gadgets This Year

Food Gadgets

December 22, 2013 | Top 10 List

This year has seen a boom in the launch of kitchen gadgets which reflects today's lifestyle. Fast, innovative, essential and personalized, are a few of the words that can describe this years must have accessories. A Function Concept with Soup…

Nimbus Cloud Serving Board

Food Gadgets

September 06, 2013

Shaped like a fluffy nimbus cloud, this end grain solid maple board can't help but add an element of fun to your cooking routine. Have some friends over and sample cheeses and your other favorite finger foods using the board as a center piece and…

Splash Chopping Board

Food Gadgets

July 15, 2013

It's a chopping board, yes. But not just any normal chopping board. Designed to look like it's dripping over the side of your worktop, this chopping board is perfectly designed to stop the board slipping as you chop. You see, the drip acts as a…

Garlic Zoom XL: Not For Me but Great for You

Food Gadgets

April 18, 2013

Although garlic has the same effect to me as it does to Vampires, this product is quite interesting to those who cook a lot using garlic. It would not be right of me not to put the spotlight on it... Mincing them has become easy. The Garlic Zoom…

Cutting Board: Science and Food

Food Gadgets

August 24, 2012 | Spotted Stories

My Favorite Kitchen Gadget Here is a concept for a cutting board that has an integrated scale within a defined area on its surface. Ingredients can be cut and measured on the same surface with very little extra effort. There is a…

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