March 30, 2018 New York USA Americas

1 Hotel New York: Perfection in the Details
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +1 212-703-2001

Address: 1414 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019, USA


Price Range: 300-600 $

Perfection in the details is what best describes the 1, a catchy hotel located on Sixth Avenue by the park. With its beautiful green facade covering the building, it’s not a hotel you won’t notice when walking the busy streets of New York. With its small details and chic decor, the 1 is your guaranteed dose of pampering for a night or even more.


Visiting New York last year, one hotel caught my attention; the 1 with its metallic signboard and green facade was immediately added to my bucket list. Wood, lots of it, plants coming down from the ceiling, an industrial yet classy Scandinavian design, a small check-in desk with happy people and staff walking around. It was already ten in the evening, I was excited and ready to discover my room.

This is where the excitement doubled; even more wood and a super duper attention to details, things I dreamt of having in my room back home. Even though the room is small and charged six hundred a night, it was worth it and enjoyable. A vast bathroom made of glass and metal, wood tiles cover the floor, more wood decorated the ceiling, a relaxation corner by the window where busy New York can be experienced in style. 


The details:

  • This is one of the most relaxing beds I’ve enjoyed in New York to date.
  • By the bed, a Nexus phone takes you around the hotel and your reservation.
  • A wooden design speaker awaits to add some vibes!
  • A metallic bar of greenery lays under the television.
  • “Back to the tap, triple filtered, New York’s water is considered the best of the nation,” written under three glasses of water by the bed.
  • “Bedside, privacy, nightlight, wake up, relax, raise, lower”; choose the mood with a click of a button.
  • A loaded mini bar
  • Refreshing and aromatic shampoos
  • A wood stand decorated the shower
  • A working desk
  • A speedy and complimentary internet connection without having to register.
  • The room key is made of wood! A premiere for me.
  • I love the stone which you deposit in front of the door: do not disturb is written on it. With all the technology, this stone takes you back to the ice age.


After a long night sleep, I was happily awake with a smile on my face and ready to try their breakfast. Open the elevator door for a refreshing view of a basket of fruits; again, more and more details. I love it here!

I loved it here and would recommend it to all my friends!





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