July 15, 2018 New York USA Americas

10 Below: Do Not Ice Cream Here in New York


Welcoming: 0/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 4/10

Menu Choice: 1/5

Food Taste: 9/30

Architecture / Interior: 1/10

Food presentation: 7/10

Service: 1/10

Value for money: 3/10

An ice cream shop in New York sells ice cream. The ice cream rolls for some, Thai ice cream of the cold surface. Not the first impression I expected: dirty Doors, a dirty floor, too many boxes and napkins are thrown here and there... and a bad smell. 


Cigarettes are thrown on the floor, trash bags, a broken handle: this place is unacceptable! Did it even pass inspection? How does it have an “A”.

Inside, one man, busy playing on the phone takes the order and prepares it quickly so he can go back to his phone business. 

Too creamy and too heavy, the ice cream is not something I will personally crave again. 


Other than all the mess inside -which you can check in the photos-, I liked the menu written in chalk.

Don’t come here, it’s not worth it.


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