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Eataly New York: A Foodie's Italian Food Haven
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Phone Number: +1-212-229-2560

Address: 200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010 ( 09AM - 11PM)

Website: http://www.eataly.com

Price Range: 40-60 $

I love this place. I love the way things are displayed, how the restaurants welcome you and how everything is created to amaze. Hundreds if not thousands of guests visit Eataly on a daily basis to enjoy one of their half dozen restaurants for lunch and dinner.


(Check out the gallery for the biggest photo collection taken at Eataly. Enjoy them while preparing for your next visit.)

Eataly is Italy in a shop, thousands of meters of the finest the country has to offer. I love it here making sure to go in every time I pass by. It has become a must, like visiting the world's Apple stores. Brightly lit and so fresh, Eataly is guaranteed to amaze. A white industrial ceiling, a grey floor in a space filled with dozens of shelves filled with fine products from one of the world's sexiest countries.

There's a pizza corner, pasta, tartufo, meat, fresh mozzarella production and many open kitchens preparing food a la minute. One chef slices the bresaola, another rolls the mozzarella, drinks are prepared on the trays while a bell rings for the waiter to pick up his orders. 


Eataly is a heaven for food aficionados, a place where aromas and colors transport you to another dimension, where every corner is carefully considered so as to take you on a journey to Italy. Pizza, pasta, meat, pork, coffee, ice cream and fish, every famous Italian food has its distinct corner. Other than restaurants, spread throughout thousands of square meters is the widest selection of authentic Italian food you could ever see in one place. You name it, they have it. The freshest pasta, the best tomato sauce, Nutella, Kinder... anything!

It's easy to eat at Eataly because they cook what they sell in the store. Positioned next to their corresponding market section, restaurants use the highest quality ingredients to create dishes that focus on simplicity. While pizza and pasta are just the tip of the Italian iceberg, there is a reason these two culinary staples are the most beloved exports from Italy. Enjoy the seasonal selection just steps away from where expert pasta chefs and dough-slinging pizzaioli create dishes before your eyes.

I love it here... I feel transported...

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