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10 Favorite Spots: Where to Enjoy a Real Burger in Lebanon!

I love burgers, to the extent that I don’t mind eating these little pieces of heaven every day. Mind you, not all burgers are worth talking about and not all burgers are made properly. It is not as simple as one would imagine. A good burger requires passion and a lot of know how to achieve the perfect patty, bun and fillings. Burgers were one of the things that boomed this year.

Although this good old meal has been around a very long time, it seems that the burger concept has gone through a revolution. A great deal of restaurants have included a special burger dish on their menu. Each one is served differently, adding a whole new dimension to the way we enjoy our burgers – a satisfying sight first, then comes the taste … Check out the finest burgers I enjoyed in town, some of which are a bit over-priced but well worth the try …

Sandwiched: My Favorite American Diner in Town... Delicious Food!

Professional and welcoming staff, positive vibes, nice atmosphere … I was so hungry that I couldn't think about anything other than food. I had two appetisers, a light sandwich, the famous Sloppy Joe and a special pork sandwich. On the menu you find everything you would expect from an American diner. Sandwiched now invites us to "Wish for more". The menu includes: refreshing salads, 'Appealing Starters', tortillas, sharing rolls, 'Agreeable Frenchies', hot and juicy sandwiches, 'Toasted Delights', burgers, a light section and their famous desserts.


Smoking Bun: A Fine Addictive Street Food Burger 

Understanding that Smoking Bun is a street food concept, I found their burger close to perfect in its category. A bun, crafted by Prunelle is unique of its kind. A certain fluffiness and richness makes the buns melt under your teeth majestically holding the inner ingredients. The meat is just awesome; just meat, ground beef which crumble under your teeth without squeaking or leaving an unpleasant aftertaste. You won’t feel any add-ons, any sauces, or any breadcrumbs … The patty is really great. As you bite into it, you’ll feel the salt and pepper as a welcome note ending the experience with a light subtle sweetness the pickles add to the experience. My suggestion, enjoy it MEDIUM and feel its red heart. 


The Happy Prince… The Dry Aged Burger

The Dry-aged Cheese Burger LBP35,000: If the burger is good, this fine creation is great. Smokiness, richness, finesse, Crunchiness... love in every bite. The dry-aged burger is nothing to be compared with the cheeseburger. I felt like I was eating a burger at another restaurant. Just imagine a dry-aged premium Angus, grilled from the outside with its intense smoky flavor and juicy red on the inside, where every bite crumbles under your teeth like butter. Topping that are moist caramelized onions adding the sweetness it needs, while the best is left for last, a slice of aged cheddar cheese carefully melted on the burger. Fatty, but who cares, it's a fully-fledged passionate experience where calories don't count. Finish the burger then enjoy the fries, tiny fries, a mountain of them, perfectly salted and fried twice, each with a crunchy envelop and a melting heart; they are addictive.


Ferdinand: A Gastropub and Tasty Food

Ferdinand Burger LBP22,500: a delicate marriage of flavors indeed. Toasted brioche bun thick need and an in-house blueberry jam sauce, cheddar cheese and bacon strips. WAW! That's guaranteed amazement on a plate. It starts when you see the olive tree platter land in front of you. Just imagine a premium bun, slightly toasted, filled with a ranch sauce, crispy bacon and a hint of sweetness at the end. What the heck is that? That's a gourmet burger for sure. Loved the textures, loved the flavors, loved the overdose of sauce, loved the richness... Wonderful.


Best Burgers Hazmieh: Tasty and Different with a Good Value

The Dragon burger, or best for last. Flavorful fire as they call it, a simple burger with a special sauce inside. An amazing, moderately spicy sauce with crispy jalapeños, crispy onions, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce -which is my favorite sauce ever- cheese and con carne sauce. Oh man, that's a marvelous piece of wonder. Lightly salty at the end note, full of taste, balanced and  guaranteeing of satisfaction. Good job, guys. 


Brgr.Co: Enjoying the Burger... Every Time!

It starts with freshness, an aromatic freshness, while you bring it to your mouth. Plunge your teeth into its smooth bun and it rips apart, melting in style. Before you get to the meat, a thin crust and a crunchy butter layer will make you drool. Beautiful textures as you reach the patty, no effort needed, and your eyes will close by themselves. Herbs, Dijon mustard, butter, and more herbs. A soft meat that melts like a mousse au chocolat, that doesn’t need chewing, a ground beef of the finest quality, strongly peppered and salted, with spells of enjoyment and finesse. Prepare yourself to indulge with 180 grams of premium meat.


Frosty Palace: Burger as an Erotic Experience!

The burger is the burger, this special patty, real rich aromas of meat perfectly salted and peppered and served with a slice of tomato, lettuce and pickles. The simplest burger out there is not fatty, not oily and not heavy, simply good meat and good bread. The retro cheese burger offers the same experience with more juiciness, cocktail sauce, more flavor, a light sweetness and the cheese. A good sandwich! Great fries, thick and fluffy fries served with their signature homemade mayonnaise and tomato relish which has a different texture and more sweetness.


The Bros: The Buffalo Chicken Burger, Now in Mar Mikhael!

Now the best part is when you try their chicken, after all they are known for it! One of the best chicken burgers the country has ever seen, it is fried chicken but it's not oily at all, it's extremely juicy inside out, offers a crispy outer and this before reaching the other ingredients. The Cran-Brie is in my opinion the best of them all. Two pieces of cheese, cranberry sauce, roquette leaves and mayo. This very balanced burger is addictive! 'Recommended' and 'must try' are the least that can be said.


Burger Bros: I Love it More Every Time

Officially a "What on Earth?!" burger, the new cheddar and chips double cheese burger is to die for. OMG, this is awesome! A superb patty, juicy to the utmost, a superb bun, fresh tomatoes and a fried cheese slice battered with Doritos chips. I've never ever tried something as good as this. The ingredients alone are exceptional: very good meat, very good fried cheddar cheese, very good bun.


Marky’s: Real Burgers, Canadian Poutine and Amazing Smoked Meat!

The double cheese burger: close your eyes and fly with me... a superb bun, lightly buttered and toasted and embracing two patties - well done yet still juicy - fresh vegetables and some sauce. It's so good, so rich, so "Burger" not Kafta or Kebbeh like many local ones taste.


Snack El Awadem: Impressive and Amazing Sandwiches!

The burger: it's a good one, in fact a very good one! That's how I like my burger, the old fashioned way, enough coleslaw to juice up the mix, grilled onions, a load of ketchup for the sweetness, mustard for the kick, a light bun and a superb patty! Two thumbs up for awakening some nostalgic feelings. Bravo for such an amazing burger. It costs LBP7,000 and is worth every penny. 


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