June 14, 2012 Lebanon Middle East

2011: Best American Diners in Lebanon

1- Chili's, Achrafieh I think everyone knows Chili’s by now, as it’s in almost every big city around the world. It’s known for its American style Tex-Mex cuisine and funky ambience. (Read More)
2- Crepaway Two weeks ago I decided to visit Crepaway again, as I have been doing for the last five years or so. I wanted to check on the place, see if there are any improvements, it’s menu and developments. But this year I was welcomed with a huge shock, as I would call it: “The Amazement.” I will describe it in a simple word: “BRAVO” (Read More)
3- Roadster Diner As I  have already mentioned several times before in past reviews, Roadster has always been one of my favorite diners in town. I believe that the service, the food, the ambiance and always striving to change and innovate are but a few key elements that contributed to the success of Roadster Diner. (Read More)
4- The Lord of the wings Lord Of The Wings, opened its doors in 2007 for the Lebanese who are always searching for something new. It is very hard to succeed in Lebanon with such harsh competition in restaurants that is growing bigger and bigger, day after day.Lord of the Wings is unique. Without any competition around town, the guys behind it succeeded in hitting high. (Read More)
5- Hard Rock Cafe, Beirut As I already mentioned in my previous review, the Hard Rock Café is my favorite international diner in Beirut. I love its identity: the ambiance, the warmth, the decoration, the welcoming and the signature dishes they have. There is something about this place that makes it so special, its that familiar feeling. It’s unique and not copied like some other diners who just bring in American concepts and make it their own… they feel the same like the ones we see in American movies. (Read More)
6- Westgate, Kaslik Westgate, a whole new level of western food in Lebanon, is the latest diner in town.  Located next to the USEK university entrance in the heart of Kaslik, Westgate serves you all day long; whether it’s breakfast, coffee, lunch, dessert or dinner, from 9am till 1am. (Read More)
7-Deek Duke (Review Coming Soon)
8- Mrs. Robinson, Downtown Beirut The vibrant decor evokes its own unique character, with creative finishes, fancy bistro couches, and joint tables that lend themselves to a lively social ambience. (Read More)
10-Bob's Diner Bob‘s Pepsi has a bizarre taste and the most important thing is that full plates look empty.  Kindness is what makes customers come back.  I have tried Bob’s 4 times already, trying to change the feelings I have for this restaurant but unfortunately couldn’t.   Lots of improvements have to be done. (Read More)   The Top 10 French Restaurants The Top 10 Italian Restaurants





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