December 29, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

2013: Best American and Local Diners in Lebanon

You can count the number of good diners in Lebanon by hand. The good thing is that they all follow a certain level of professionalism as well as apply some minimum international standard, offering a good quality. Below are my favorite ones. NoGarlicNoOnions_Top10_Restaurant_Reviews_Lebanon Crepaway: Craving Some Premium Diner Food?

Sometimes you just crave diner food – think burgers, fries, mozzarella sticks… Crepaway is one of those places that’s easy to stop at for a quick bite that will surely satisfy your ‘junk food’ craving. The quick service, interesting choice of foods and premium quality are a couple of reasons why I like this place. »more… Crepaway_LeMall_NGNO_3 Roadster Diner, The Latest Updates
I am still a fan of Roadster and their avant-garde creations, but they have to take a few points into consideration. Since a lot of new restaurants are opening in town, I had to take a break from trying something new and go back to one of my favorite places, Roadster Diner. I wanted to »more… Roadster_Diner_Zalka_Breakfast54

Latest Version Diner, (LVD), Dbayeh Do you think that you have experienced the best diner in town? Do you think that you have tasted the best diner burger already? Well, think again! Latest Version Diner or LVD is the latest diner to open on the Dbayeh highway, an area in Lebanon now booming with restaurants. You are welcomed with a »more… LVD_latest_Version_Diner_Lebanon44 Frosty Palace: Discover Lebanon’s Ultimate Burger Place

This year has been intense with the burger mania, at least for me… After trying so many burgers this year, going back to the best was inevitable. I went to Frosty Palace just to remind my taste buds of where all the good things first started. On this famous night of when everyone was awaiting »more… Frosty_Palace_Best_Burger_Beirut60 Chili’s Beirut: The Train is Back on Track
Is it a miracle or did lightening strike Chili’s during the last storm that hit Beirut last week… Well whatever happened, I am happy man again… Revisiting Chili’s again after reading the comment added by the management, on my latest review, to come discover something new. The passion that was missing in the food seems »more… Chili's_Diner_Beirut_NoGarlicNoOnions92 “Lord of the Wings”... Wings!
I don’t know how to start or where to start…I am still speechless to say the least… trying to absorb what just happened. Ok, I will get straight to the chase and right into the details of things. Let me start by saying that I was a happier customer at Lord of the Wings before »more… The_Lord_of_the_Wings_Diner_Beirut_Lebanon50 Deek Duke, For Chicken Lovers and More
From the same people who brought you the famous Roadster Diner, Deek Duke is the trendy chicken reference in town. Want to enjoy a nice chicken dish in a middle eastern diner-like ambiance, than Deek Duke is your must try. Went to Deek Duke after years of break wondering what will the new experience be, »more… deekduke_NGNO26

Back to Marky’s… Tasting and Testing the Cheeseburger

Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. My six senses drove me towards Marky’s Philly Joint, the place where I discovered the best burger in Lebanon. I just had to go again and have that burger that’s been on my mind a while now. After writing my review a couple of weeks ago about »more… Marky_Burgers_Mkalles_Lebanon13 BRGR.Co: Not for the Faint Hearted
After such a long time, I finally went back to BRGR. Co., but this time, I headed down to their new branch at the Beirut Souks. I was happily surprised to see a positive change to one of my favourite places in town. The last time I was there, at their Achrafieh’s branch, BRGR.Co served »more… Brgr_Co_Beirut_Souks_Burger_Restaurant_Diner90 Classic Burger Joint: A Burger’s Portrait
Days are passing, the world is improving and Lebanon’s culinary sector is raising the bar higher and higher. Just close your eyes and remember what we used to eat couple of years ago. Where could we find the best burger? Did we ever ask for Augus beef? The Pain D’Or bread was the highest quality available. Organic »more… Classic_Burger_Joint_Lebanon68
Shawarmanji: A Real Professional Shawarma Taste
Shawarmanji  has finally opened. It’s first of many branches to come is located on the Zalka Highway, a small place where huge surprises await you as you walk. To say the least, you will enter to only discover a whole new meaning to the word shawarma… We have been hearing a lot of rumors lately »more… Shawarmanji
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