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2014: Best Burgers in Paris

2013, has been dubbed the year of the burger by many around the world. Everywhere we went, in any corner of the world a new burger joint opened serving burgers - one of the most popular American meals has become a worldwide icon. I have visited Paris several times last year and with every trip I made it a point to check, taste and discover some of the latest burger joints that opened in the French capital... Paris, the city where fine cuisine was invented, the mother of all chefs, the land of Michelin star chefs is now occupied with the burger craze. Street burgers, American burgers, French burgers, Gourmet burgers... The name may differ from place to another,  but at the end of the day its still a burger. Since they are considered as the city of taste and flavors... Would their burger be better, more sophisticated and maybe have a fine culinary touch. I took a decision to visit as many burger places as I possibly could in Paris. Here's my Top10 from Paris's Best Burgers in 2013. 


1- Big Fernand: A Burger Made from Love, Passion and Dedication 8,9/10

Big Fernand is a one whole world inside another…You are transported into somewhere far away from Paris where fun is the motto, love is the spirit and good food is the title of the chart. You enter a small space where each burger is made with love and dedication just for the pleasure of your »more… Big_Fernand_Burger_Restaurant_Paris29

2- La Maison Mère, Paris: Burgers, Hotdogs and Even More 8,6/10

Serving up French-American cuisine in a bistro environment, La Maison Mère has a New York City vibe. The décor is engraved glass mirrors, retro fridges and tiled walls. The service is friendly and informal and the crowd is young and trendy, they’ve really pulled off the laid back NYC vibe here. Expect to see a unique »more… La_Maison_Mere_Burger_Paris83

3- 231 East St: France’s New Approach to Burgers… And it’s Good! 8,4/10

You know, sometimes I really believe that things happen for a reason. During my January visit to Paris, I decided to stay at The Best Western Premiere Opera Diamond, only to discover that, just next door, a new burger place had just opened 7 days ago. I was excited to check-in fast to quickly go, »more… 231_East_Street_Burger_Paris19

4- Blend: Gourmet Burgers in a Street Style Ambiance 8/10

The Thrillist proclaims it to be the best in town while Le Figaro puts it in its Top5 of best burgers in the capital. Indeed, Blend has great burgers of which we tried three, today. Accompanied with my friend Gabriel, we went for a 25-minute walk to reach Blend. We went together to Big Fernand »more… Blend_Burger_Restaurant_Paris18

5- Le Dépanneur: A Real American Diner in Paris 7,9/10

It was Sunday and the restaurants my friends and I were planning to visit were closed. By pure coincidence on YELP, Jean came across a place called Le Depanneur, a beautiful concept that’s the newborn baby of the famous truck touring Paris called “California”. Le Depanneur has been build to look exactly the same as American »more… Depanneur_Diner_Restaurant_Paris55

6- Breakfast in America: Try Their Burger… Nothing Else is Worth the Visit 6,7/10

And here we go again… Another day in Paris and I am on my quest to finding a burger joint in this city that will really impress me. I found Marky’s in Lebanon, why not continue the mission and find the best burger place in other cities around the world. Now we’re in Paris and »more… Breakfast_America_BIA_Burger_Paris70

7- Steak Point at Lafayette Gourmet, Paris 5,9/10

We just reached Paris and my wife and I had a long week ahead filled with food discoveries. It all started at Paris’s food haven: “Lafayette Gourmet”. Your mouth will water continuously just walking through the isles of this food paradise where rich aromatic smells set all your senses on fire. Lafayette Gourmet is divided »more… Steak_Point_Lafayette_Paris24

8- La Terrace Du Marriott: Paris, Champs-Élysées 5,8/10

There a delicious burger out there. Walking along the famous Champs-Élysées, you pass by many cafes, some of them are internationally renowned while others are simple serving sandwiches. La Duree, La Terrace du Marriott, Cafe d’Alsace, Cafe Georges 5 are few of the high end restaurants welcoming you to their outside or inner courts. That day »more… La_Terrace_Marriott_Hotel_Paris7

9- Chic and Casual: Welcome to the World of Ralph Lauren 5,5/10

Coming back from Dublin, my wife and I discovered an interesting restaurant while skipping through the pages of Air France magazine – “Ralph’s”. My favorite brand has a restaurant? I personally didn’t know that. Of course, it was one of the places to try during our next visit to Paris.  Sooner than anticipated, we visited »more… Ralph_Lauren_Restaurant_Paris46

10- Schwartz’s Deli Paris: People Wait 30 Minutes to Eat this? 5/10

Schwartz Deli, located in the heart of the French capital has been the talk of town for the past two years, saying that it’s the one and only place in Paris to have a good burger. Every time I ask where I can go to have a good burger, friends say, of course, Schwartz Deli, »more… Shwartz_Deli_Diner_Burgers_Paris57





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