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2014: Best Lebanese Diners in Lebanon


Orfali Jal El Dib: Not Only Good Sandwiches but Mouthwatering Homemade Desserts

This is the story of a cow, a cow that decided to establish itself in Beirut, as a way of getting closer to the human race. Mrs. Orfali came from the farm straight to the consumer, integrating with our beautiful world to answer our demanding needs.

Lime Tree: A Lebanese Style Diner

Driving along Dbayeh’s highway, there’s no way you will miss Lime Tree, a stand-alone diner that has taken over the space where Applebee’s used to be.  Lime Tree is a Lebanese-launched concept that includes diner food and shisha. And when I say food, I mean absolutely anything your craving desires; Lime Tree has it. The menu is 20-pages long. Let’s see what they serve.

Abou Jihad: Serving Premium Lebanese Meat & Mezze Since 1962

For half a century Abou Jihad still stands strong in Jaledib. Just saying half a century alone makes you realize how authentically professional Abou Jihad is...otherwise it would have collapsed decades ago... Since 1962, Nabil Abou Jaoude, aka Abou Jihad started as a Kabab specialist and grew to become a popular place for many.

Enab: Surround Yourself with Unique Details

In the heart of Mar Mikhael is an old Lebanese house, modernized in a way that caters to the needs of the latest trends around. Take the old stairway that leads you up to the restaurant’s entrance, with walls decorated with dried vegetables. A nice authentic touch that reminds me of an old Lebanese village somehow. The last time I was there, Enab had a few points I was not happy about, the second time around, I was impressed with the changes and soothing ambiance the place has evolved to become.

Bakeries Redefined... Zaatar W Zeit

After visiting Zaatar W Zeit Zalka with my family last week, I decided to give this place another try before drawing any conclusions. As a small recap, my last experience was unacceptable.  I headed down to another branch just to see how the experience will turn out; I loved it. ZWZ is not a bakery anymore but a revisited diner - a full-fledged restaurant with new expectations. This only means that the actual problem is having an inconsistency in service and attitude between branches... Pay attention guys... don't let such things affect the reasons why people come to you...

Kababji’s New Baabda Branch: A Modern Look at the Traditional

The 20-year-old iconic food brand, Kababji unveiled its new image on Thursday, October 23, at its latest branch in Baabda. It brought together a crowd of partners, media and digital influencers to enjoy the opening through an insider look at the newest addition to the Kababji network of branches. The event was also a platform for the storied Lebanese restaurant to showcase its physical transformation, as well as the changes it is making in its menu and philosophy. Several stations were set up within the branch, with each highlighting the keys to the brand’s success: prime ingredients, better foods and the Kababji way, from grill to the table.

Al Falamanki: One of Beirut's Wealthiest Local Breakfasts

When you talk about good food, a pleasant ambiance, a garden in the heart of the capital and innovative creations…Al Falamanki will come to mind. My story with Al Falamanki started a long time ago... Since they first opened, my friends and I would always end up there after a long day....enjoying their fine creations in a nice setting.  

La Marée: Tasty Fish Sandwiches in an Extremely Clean Restaurant

Down in the old souks of Batroun, I met a man, a special man, a man obsessed with cleanliness, a cook, a king of his own castle, a castle where fish is given a whole new meaning, a castle where sandwiches ooze love and passion with every bite rich with flavorful ingredients. 

Al Saniour: Manakeesh Worth Trying

Let’s think about this for a second… How hard is it to enjoy a zaatar mankoushi without the inconvenience of a heart-burn … My worst nightmare… and if it's not a heart burn you’re suffering from, it's definitely going to be the feeling of being bloated and heavy… But I love having a mankoushe, who doesn’t actually… Until I discovered the Jordanian thyme mankoushe from Al Saniour, located in Antelias. Lately, we order a big selection of manakeesh – cheese, thyme…and have the whole family over for breakfast during the weekend. Zaatar Ordoni is my favorite choice, especially after trying all the zaatar types Al Saniour has to offer… Although they are all good…

LEILA: Authentic Lebanese Cafe with a Twist

It all starts the minute you step foot at the door step... An enjoyable experience that would make you cheer up. Leila, located on the Main Street of Verdun is a two levels restaurant with high ceiling decorated with huge chandelier. The walls around the space are decorated with hundreds of patterns and paintings. A mix of different colors starting with green, purple, red and pink - all blending together in a cozy authentic Lebanese ambiance. Your eyes will never be bored. Anywhere you turn you see something new. Surprises are everywhere from the tiles to the open kitchen, the glass vitrines the colorful sofas and nice rounded tables.

Leil Nhar: I'll Surely Be Coming Back for More

Wake up in Ashrafieh early in the morning and your choices for breakfast are limitless. Other than the local around the corner bakers, you can try ZwZ, Al Mandaloun's buffet breakfast and Al Falamanki to name a few.  Let's not forget Leil Nhar, a place that left me impressed with its generosity, quality of the bread, fresh vegetables and tasty eggs.

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