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2014: Best Sushi Restaurants in Lebanon


Sushi Shack: Rabieh has a New Sushi Place... And it's Good

Yesterday night, accompanied by four of our friends, we went to try Sushi Shack. We were welcomed by the manager and chose one of the many tables in this square venue. White, vast, relaxed... The first impression is just great. As the door opens a fresh breath of air grabs you and moves you inside like a magnetic force. Dining alone, exactly as I expected to, we were offered a sheet of paper and a pencil along with the menu. While my wife took care of the order, I went on taking pictures of the details of this place. I loved it!

Ichiban Cuisine: The Metn Welcomes a Decent Japanese Restaurant

Ichiban has been around for many years now and I always showed my appreciation for this place. They really have come a long way serving good Japanese cuisine with taste and quality that only gets better with time. What used to be known for its premium sushi on Zalka highway, Ichiban has now moved to Blueberry Square in Dbayeh.

Tsunami Achrafieh: My Second Visit, My Second Enjoyment

Some say the food experience and taste vary between Tsunami in Antelias and Tsunami in Achrafieh, to those I say, I had the same experience at both locations - same food, same quality, same freshness and same generosity. It was excellent. Should I try the Kaslik branch as well to confirm Tsunami's good food quality?

KONA Japanese Restaurant: Tiny But Mighty

Although tiny in size, some places hide interesting fine culinary wonders… And Kona is one of them. Nestled on Monot street, just a few meters from the St Joseph University and couple steps away from the nightlife district, Kona, a Japanese restaurant offers an amazing variety of tasty and addictive rolls...

Back to SÔ for Fine Sushi on the Conveyor Belt

Planning a sushi night-out with my wife on a calm Sunday night, we headed down to Beirut. We were looking for a nice place to eat, maybe something new to try - but Beirut seemed empty... it was like a ghost town. We reached Achrafieh first; Maki Gourmet didn’t have anyone so we decided to continue to Kobe which looked so dull and empty. Following the road down to the center, we said why not revisit Osaka and here again, there was no one! The Phoenicia hotel didn’t have a single car in front of it… Impressive! Beirut seems to be sleeping that night. Deciding to head somewhere cozy yet busy, SÔ was a good choice.  

Yumi: Sushi and Drinks in the Heart of Monot

Yumi, this special bar/restaurant located in the heart of Monot Street, is not like any other Japanese place around. It all starts with the location, in the middle of a nightlife district where things are casual and laid back. This feeling continues as you enter this casual fine dining space that’s simple and not pretentious. You will be eating one of the finest sushi rolls in the country without complications. In here, food counts… Food speaks for itself.  A proof of that is clear, as the last time I was here was a year ago... unlike some places in town, Yumi has kept its standards up delivering the same taste - last year and today and hopefully tomorrow...

Kobe: A Positively Amazing Japanese Restaurant

Today I discovered a new place to be added to my list of favourite restaurants. I discovered the newest entry in my Top 5 Japanese restaurants in Lebanon. Passing through Pasteur street, down the same road as Emm Nazih and The Gathering, a huge wooden facade attracts your attention.

Ginger&Co. Hazmieh: Simply Yummy

Ginger&Co. Japanese restaurant is located in Mar-Takla square, Hazmieh. This sushi express concept, established in 2010, is known for its lavish portions and quality presentations. Although it has not been around for long, Ginger&Co has managed to create a solid identity in the market for itself as well as built a reputable name among business professionals; due to its quality oriented approach and carefully studied prices. An express restaurant in Hazmieh, Baabda with a capacity to seat 50 persons.

La Table Fine: A Fine Japanese has Opened its Doors in Jounieh… And it's Good

On my last visit to La Table Fine, Jounieh, I met a Japanese chef, Masato Okamoto, who had just landed in Lebanon, straight from Japan, and was preparing to open a new Asian fine diner: A one-of-a-kind restaurant, serving fine dishes straight from the land of the samurai.

Add "Fine Japanese Dining" to Yabani's Name

After visiting almost all casual Japanese diners in town, I needed to go back to Le Sushi Bar and Yabani, the best two sushi places in the city, and enjoy some fine culinary preparations few know how to master. I think we already agreed that sushi places in Lebanon are divided into two big categories, the casual ones and the fine dining ones, of which Yabani and Le Sushi Bar are the main players.
Le Sushi Bar: Celebrating 15 Years with Haute Cuisine Dining

Le Sushi Bar: Celebrating 15 Years with Haute Cuisine Dining

I went to Le Sushi Bar. Yes again. But this time it was to celebrate the 15th year anniversary of one of my favourite places in Lebanon. With this celebration comes a new menu composing of 15 new dishes, which will redefine the way you know, imagine, and taste seafood and Japanese cuisine.

Kampai: Tasty but Noisy

The last time I came to Kampai, I left unimpressed. A series of imperfections encountered by my friends and I left us shocked - especially that this is a restaurant loved and appreciated by many. I went back again recently and the whole experience was different. The food was good, the service has been improved and the overall ambiance was smoother. I believe that this is the Kampai people enjoy - but still it can be even better. 

Osaka, Sushi Lounge: A Step Forward in Oriental Innovation

Considered in the top three best Japanese restaurants in Lebanon, Osaka has been on my to do list for a long time now. Last visited in March of 2012, everything has changed for the better... Today's lunch was exceptional on all levels.

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