March 24, 2014 Istanbul Turkey Middle East

360 Istanbul: A Tour Around the World with a Turkish Touch

If you think that only Lebanese people know how to party, think again. During a special birthday visit to Istanbul with my best friend, I was amazed to see how lively the Turkish are… Fun is part of their culture and refinement and good food comes with it… This is how I can describe one of the many places I visited, 360 Club. photo 3 This restaurant/club in the heart of Taksim Square is an experience not to be missed – whether it’s the food, the entertainment program that includes live shows by internationally talented singers, dancers and other performers, DJ’s and great music – it’s no wonder many have recommended that we visit it while in Istanbul. Before talking about the food I ate, I have to describe the place to you, and like they say, first impression is everything. You walk into a tall white building and take the elevator up to the last floor, then take another set of stairs to reach what I can safely describe as one of the trendiest clubs I have visited in my life. photo 4 The space is beautifully designed. The over 1000 m2 round hangar style space boasts a high ceiling where details like naked pipes, beautiful lighting systems as well as a couple of original yet huge chandeliers decorate the space. There’s a bar area, a dinning area and in between is a beautiful brick wall structure where live projections of old movies are displayed. There isn’t a dull moment in this place since the details that complete the space are amazingly thought of. For example, while seated at the bar, you can see the staircase all the way down through a partial glass floor. It’s truly amazing… only if you’re not wearing a short skirt. The best part of this this place is its 360 degrees view of Istanbul. Even while seated inside, the tall glass facades connect you with the stars and moon as well the flickering lights of the city at night. In warmer weather, the seating area extends to the terrace… While we were there it was cold – so only a few tables are available for those wanting to smoke and take some pictures with the beautiful view behind. We chose to sit down by the window in the dining area, where we enjoyed the stunning view as well as the many performers that night who interacted with the crowd beautifully… photo 4 It was food time… the menu is large and includes different sections including
  • Veggie
  • Crisp Little Pastries
  • Let’s Share Carpaccio
  • Sushi Samba
  • The Sea
  • The Garden
  • Soups
  • Slow Food Specialties
  • Alternative Pizza
  • Pasta East and West
  • The Grill
photo 1 We ordered
  • Zuchinni Flower Rice Dolma, minted zucchini with stuffed rice
  • Fresh Artichokes and Asparagus with mustard grain and saffron olive oil
  • Duck Carpaccio with strawberry, crackled black pepper and balsamic
  • Prawns and Broccoli Tempura with soya and sweet Thai dip sauce
  • Fillet Seas Bas – Argula salad and herb lemon butter
  • Penne Arabiata Romano – Olives, caper berries, mozzarella, basil
  • A special selection 360 Sushi described as Turkish sushi rolls, using fresh fish from their famous fish market wrapped with vegetables – very rich in taste and flavor
photo 2 For dessert…from their original bar book.
  • Popcorn Creme Brule
  • Chocolate Orgazm
What I can say
  • The food is beautifully presented… the site of each dish is artistically fulfilling
  • All the plates are generous and extremely rich in flavor
  • Their staff is well trained, friendly and respectable…
  • Wine sommelier is available to help you choose the right wine bottle depending on your likes and tastes
  • The place was full yet not a feeling of stuffiness is felt
  • The crowd is very stylish
  • The positive vibe felt at 360 is amazing
I personally can’t wait to go back there. I can still feel the rich taste of their desserts in my mouth… Delicious food, amazingly upbeat ambiance, and gorgeous interior… these are just some of the things I can say about 360 Istanbul.
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