November 30, 2013 Paris France Europe

6 New York: Simple Fine Dining in Paris

Phone Number: +33 1 40 70 03 30

Address: 6 Avenue de New York, 75016 Paris, France


Price Range: 0-0 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 26/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Value for money: Soon

6 New York: A Generous Fine Dining Experience

A friend of mine living in Paris wanted to invite us for dinner to celebrate my wife's birthday on one single crucial condition: No phone, no pictures and no taking notes Francois said. "I know the owners and come here often with my work colleagues. Anthony, you are not writing an article today," Francois insists. Knowing me... that, can't be done. I tried to take as many pictures as I could despite Francois' constant bickering on my hand. The 6 New York is a beautiful restaurant facing the Seine River. Tonight my phone was away so I tried to memorize as much as I could about this interesting dining experience.
Close from the Eiffel Tower, 6 New York offers traditional recipes in a traditional and chic atmosphere. Designed in luminous tones, playing around natural matters like wood and leather, this refined area offers a warm atmosphere thanks to the welcome of Cathy, the chef’s wife.
Valet parking took the car and here we were into the world of his cozy restaurant. Behind the door, a bar and a cashier welcome you before taking a left to access the restaurant. The place is divided into many rooms adding some privacy and intimacy to the place. I enjoyed the decoration so much. The 6 New York's has a signature feel composed of dimmed lighting around light caramel and gold colors.
Some interesting details constitute this restaurant:
  • At the entrance, you are welcomed by a bar and the owner's wife handling reservations that takes your coats before showing you to your table
  • The restaurant is divided into three distinct dining areas. The main one, a smaller cozier one to the left and the closed terrace
  • A wooden floor and a design ceiling host in the middle a diversity of circular and square tables all covered with a white dining service
  • Light yellow chairs or gold benches, the seating is relaxing around here
  • On the main wall painted in yellow, some fine art reminded me of the states. It's true that the street name is New York but some items to remind you of the city would add some artistic touch
  • Two items add the needed colorful touch to the place. The red water glasses and some red lamps installed near the glass facades
Dinner started with a complementary amuse bouche: "Fraicheur de betraves blanches et gaspacio de carottes" before ordering the main plates.
Tonight's culinary experience:
  • Fraîcheur de lentilles en gaspacho et salade, pétales du jardin
  • Risotto, encornets grilles, artichauts cuits et crus, à l'huile de truffe blanche
  • Pizzaleta de langoustines éclatées aux épices, pousses d'épinards, émulsion de citron
  • Petits nems frits de légumes et ricotta, crudités du potager, jus d'épices léger
  • Charlotte de chair de tourteau et avocat, arômes et curry et citron vert
  • Pot au feu de cochon fermier aux petits légumes, jus truffé
  • Côté de veau de lait rôtie, pommes de terre à notre façon, jus court
The food was good: The risotto was perfectly cooked, prawns were adequately seasoned, sauces had interesting flavors, premium meat served on beautiful decorated plates.
Little details i liked: Truffle is added here in a subtle way. The lentil soup served cold caught my attention as well as the risotto plate and its crunchy artichokes. As for the spring rolls, they were offered on the house in individual plates and well enjoyed with a smile.
I would improve: The place lacks some finesse. Staff, plates presentation and food taste need some little tiny freshening up.
I liked the simplicity of this place and its fine decoration. Waiters do their best to make you enjoy your time.
Dinner was tasty and service was correct. We were too full to order dessert that night but deciding to skip it, we were offered a plate of homemade marshmallows covered with dark chocolate in the form of bears accompanied by caramel crackers and lemon mousses cups. To celebrate my wife's birthday, a candle was lit on a chocolate ice cream scoop. I was happy to taste all of those creations, especially the chocolate ice cream that turned out to be unique of its kind.
A pleasant dinner, in a simple place, where professional waiters and dedicated chefs are there to serve you. I liked is restaurant.





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