October 22, 2015 Paris France Europe

6 New York: A Generous Fine Dining Experience

Phone Number: +33 1 40 70 03 30

Address: 6 Avenue de New York, 75016 Paris, France

Website: http://www.6newyork.fr/uk/index.php

Price Range: 0-0 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 8/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10

6 New York: Simple Fine Dining in Paris

It's a restaurant many enjoy, especially businessmen who invite their clients, a restaurant where meetings are done and deals are closed, a fine dining place without a star, a place I've been to before and here I am again with another phone, better photos and a few months difference. 


Last time was not the best to say the least, I was expecting much better from a restaurant priced at more than €70 per person. Here we are again, with our friends living in the capital to enjoy a tasty dinner. A complete change!

Facing the Eiffel Tower is 6 New York, a beautiful place decorated with simplicity under a white ceiling with a view of the busy street and yellow, dimmed lighting, a carpet covers the floor and wooden tables filling the space. Relaxing chairs and leather sofas with white table danglers lit with a warm candle light. Fine cutlery, white plates and crusts glasses, we were offered the menu. 


On the menu:

  • Starters
  • Hot starters
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Desserts

Today's suggestions:

Cèpes, cabillaud, bar, hachis Parmentier, soupe de potiron and many other things.

The lady who welcomes you approaches the table and takes the order on an old style paper booklet. 

Amuse Bouche:

Quinoa and coriander flower with a gazpacho of carrots and rayfor cream. A small portion of quinoa with fresh aromatic notes and a juicy finish served with a shot of gazpacho. The consistency of shredded carrots with a note of sweetness.

Dinner is served:

  • Langoustes et potiron: Served in a bowl is the pumpkin soup on a bed of lobster. Tasty and smooth, a plate with a certain finesse.
  • Risotto: Different, surely different from any risotto I've had before. Very tender and not al dente, bathing in its sauce the white truffles add a strong boost of flavor while the artichokes provide a gentle crunch. Decorated with some rocket leaves, the plate is enjoyed a bite at a time. I personally loved the texture despite its big difference. Really amazing and generous, a light, faded crunch, creamy and juicy with a rich taste. I loved it!


  • The carpaccio of veal is like nothing I've ever had before. The most tender meat ever, topped with a mix of ingredients that make it look like a vitello tonnato. A thinly sliced, tender meat topped with a mix of steamed vegetables and the vinegar and shallot mousse. A must try.
  • The pork: Oh my god! Pork like I've never ever had in my life. A super tender pork that's so juicy and so tasty with a border of fat that's so enjoyable... Potato purée on the side and roast mini potatoes... Oh man! A chunk of meat that's so juicy and topped with a crunchy layer of enjoyment. On the side are cylinders of chewy, but juicy bacon. It's the thousand calories plate, but I love it!


  • Lotte (monkfish) with ginger and honey: A tender fish, an explosion of salt and a boost of sweetness. Yum! I literally screamed.
  • Hachis-parmentier: Shredded duck, like pulled pork, topped with a purée. A mountain of delicious goods blended together into a plate you'll lick to the bottom.

A wine to order: Givry, Louis Jadot 2012, Bourgogne.

With dessert a plate of mignardises lands on the table. Crunchy caramel papers, marshmallow chocolate bears and cheese cake cream in a cup... All tasty.


  • Lemon in all its shapes. Lemon sorbet, lemon tart, lemon cake and lemon cream on a beautiful plate that's full of yellow colors. Clean, neat, light and recommended.
  • Tiramisu in a martini cup: Cream, cake and chocolate coffee mousse with crunchy bits on top. I loved its freshness and it's easy to understand the taste without too much coffee or cocoa powder. 


The chef was here to say goodbye, our car was delivered by the valet in minutes and we were ready to leave. I honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy dinner that much, especially after last year's experience. 6 New York is now recommended.






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