January 11, 2021

9 Best Tips for Feeding Your Dog While Travelling

If you are planning a trip with the four-legged family members, one of the prime concerns you have is feeding them. Taking your dogs on a journey with you can either lead to a fantastic experience full of fun, or it can be a harrowing event that you'll dread for a lifetime. The way you feed your pets is usually what makes all the difference between these two instances.

So, keeping your concerns in mind, here are a few tips for feeding your dog while traveling.

Pack the Food They Usually Have At Home.

The easiest way to ensure that they don't get an upset stomach is to carry their usual food. Shop Premium pet supplies beforehand, instead of trying to buy pet food on the way or from a grocery store near your hotel. You might not find the exact type of food that your pets generally have. So, packing ample food to cover a round trip is vital. Or research well in advance to locate a store on the returning route where your dog's food is available.

You are anyway exposing your dog to unfamiliar surroundings while traveling. There is no need to add to their stress with unfamiliar food that they do not like eating.


Have the Supply of Fresh Water with You. 

The most important tip that you need to remember is to keep your dogs hydrated at all times. It's best to carry some water with you from home because it is difficult to find water sometimes, but water in a foreign place might not be that reliable.

Besides, carrying your water will make it more convenient for you to choose the pit stops. Ensure your pet has a good swig of water and a toilet break before starting the journey again.

Address Issues Regarding Motion Sickness.

Most dogs tend to get motion sickness while traveling. So, if your dog has the same problem, talk to your vet about it beforehand. They might prescribe some medication to ease out the issue. It also helps to add one teaspoon of an exemplary fiber supplement in their food. Fiber assists in controlling diarrhea that usually accompanies motion sickness. For some dogs, motion sickness is unavoidable regardless of what you do. 

Thus, it's better to have provisions like paper towels, cleaning supplies, and plastic sheets in place.

Human Food - A Firm No.

Fido looks longingly at you with those cute doggy eyes while taking a bite out of your cheeseburger. It melts your heart, and you decide to give him a small piece out of your burger. And before you know it, you have already fed him too much human food, leading to an upset stomach and gas that stinks up the confined space.

Human food is a big no-no for them while traveling, especially the usual fast food people generally have.

Do Not Forget To Bring Their Tummy Settlers

Reduce the Amount of Food You Feed Them. 

With the risk of motion sickness looming large, their stomachs get upset more quickly than usual while traveling. So, it's better to feed them less than their usual amount of food when setting off a road trip. 

Of course, you do not have to starve your little furry friend. Just make sure not to give them exactly the amount that you give them at home. In the end, it will make the journey fun for both you and your pet.

Do Not Feed Your Dogs in a Moving Vehicle. 

The feeding schedule for your pets needs to start at least four hours before you leave the house. Feed them something light and easy to digest, instead of something too heavy on their stomach while traveling.

Moreover, remember always to wait for the vehicle to stop before feeding your doggo. Even if you are going on a long journey, never provide them with a moving car because that adds to their feelings of anxiety and motion sickness.

Get A Bit of Exercise Even When Traveling.

It is hard to get them their daily dose of exercise when you are driving across the country. After all, you wouldn't find dog parks at every other place along the way. But you'll have to find your way around this problem. 

Bust out a quick run with your dogs around the rest stop or the gas station. It will help them in digesting their food more efficiently, just as it will help your metabolism. As a bonus, they'll be blissfully napping for the next leg of the journey.

Do Not Feed Your Dogs in a Moving Vehicle.

Do Not Forget To Bring Their Tummy Settlers.

Though you shouldn't give the doggo bits and pieces from your food, there are a few exceptions. Things like yogurtand canned pumpkin are right for them because these help in settling their upset tummies.

These tummy settlers will not only soothe them for some time but also solve the issue of gas stinking up your car. If you have ever stayed in a confined space with the smell of doggy gas, you won't forget to bring their tummy settlers.

Try Not To Rely Too Much On Doggy Treats.

Understandably, you wouldn't want to see your dog getting all anxious and jumpy all along the journey. Naturally, it is tempting to appease pups with a generous dosage of doggy treats from time to time. In the end, it will further aggravate their delicate stomachs and lead to those upset stomach troubles that you've been trying so hard to avoid. One or two treats here and there might be fine, but remember not to overdo it.

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, feeding your dog while traveling is not that hard if you only keep a few things in mind. Following such tips will help both of you have a much more enjoyable and relaxed journey with your little fur baby. If you are traveling with them for the first time, make sure the distance is less, and in-between breaks are more. Once they adjust to this travel feeding schedule, you can take them on more trips with you

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