March 13, 2023

The 8 Best Food Tours of Virginia

One of the most important aspects of a culture is its food. It is a tasty way to experience the soul of a place truly. Going on one or more of the best food tours of Virginia is the ideal way to experience the local cuisines while also learning some interesting information about the history, architecture, andpeople of the area you visit.

Whether you’re preparing for a move to Virginia or just looking for a great family-friendly vacation idea, a local food tour is for you. You’ll be able to get to know an area and connect with other local and tourist foodies. A professional food tour guide will be able to take the guessing game out of choosing the right restaurant in an area you’re unfamiliar with. And just like them, we hope our article will help you more easily select the suitable tour to go on in Virginia.

1. The Carytown Food Tour in Richmond 

We’ll kick off this list with a walking tour that allows you to discover Carytown’s food, culture, and history. This tour is called “The Carytown Food Tour” near Richmond, Virginia. You’ll be tasting food from several popular and under-the-radar restaurants and cafés. The tour includes foods like seafood, tacos, and the famous Virginia peanuts. During these tastings, you’ll learn about the history of the restaurants where you’re eating. Additionally, you’ll be taking a more general tour of Carytown and learning about the history of this diverse and unique neighborhood. Don’t forget to enter some shops on your way round the place. 

2. Williamsburg Walking Food Tour by Junket 

On this tour, you can spend an entire afternoon eating your way through the fantastic city of Williamsburg. Like most food tours, you’ll be visiting several restaurants. However, something that sets this tour apart is that you’ll also be perusing through local specialty food shops and producers. The cuisine in Williamsburg is very diverse, and this tour will show that off. You’ll be eating everything from baked goods to gourmet mac & cheese. Additionally, if you’re over 21, you’ll and the day enjoying a flight of local beers. One of the most significant advantages of this tour is that you’ll get to meet mostof the chefs and producers making your food.

If you’re planning to move with your family to Virginia, this is one of Virginia's best food tours. Williamsburg is one of the most popular choices for people considering moving here due to its excellent climate, low crime rate, and top-notch public schools. Since this is a bit of a shorter tour, experts from Helix Transfer & Storage Virginia recommend spending the rest of your stay here getting to know the real estate scene and socializing with locals so that you’ll already have a life here before you even move.

3. Roanoke Downtown Food and Cultural Tour 

This three-hour, small-group walking tour allows you to discover more than just Roanoke’s food. While trying the food in up to seven local restaurants, you will also be learning about the history and architecture of Roanoke. For example, you’ll be visiting the historic Hotel Roanoke. But you will also uncover some of the hidden local gems and iconic landmarks tourists usually overlook. Since it’s a small-group tour, it’s also more accessible for the guides to make them more personalized. That means you can ask as many questions about this great town’s colorful history as possible.

4. Arts District Food Tour in Richmond 

That is an excellent guided walking tour for people who want to discover Richmond's food, culture, and history. The tour goes through the city’s Arts District. If you go on this tour, you’ll be able to enjoy food from various local cafés and restaurants. That is one of the best food tours of Virginia because it allows you to sample the best food selections at each location you visit, and you can expect true variety here. From authentic Korean street food to Southern soul food and some of the best pizza you’ll ever eat. Remember to jot down any places you would like to revisit. And, since you’ll be more familiar with the area, you’ll be able to check out some other local eateries. For example, this area is also a great place for people who enjoy brunch to explore.

5. Boutique Old Town Alexandria Food & History Tour

That is the perfect tour for first-time visitors. It will take you through the historic Old Town Alexandria and have you sample some local foods you would likely have overlooked otherwise. Aside from the food, this tour will give you a deeper understanding of the city’s history. You’ll hear great stories from your guide and see hidden gem landmarks. The most significant selling point is that you’ll feel like a local after this tour. Both in culinary and historical knowledge.

This tour is also great for those looking to discover Northern Virginia before moving here. You’ll be able to get to know the area and community before you even start moving to your new home in the area. After that, all that’s left is to get the movers ready to help you reach this part of the state and join your new friends in your new life.

6. Downtown Richmond Booze & Bites Tour 

You can consider this tour as the late-night version of the Arts District Food Tour we’ve previously discussed. Along with great snacks and small-portioned foods, you’ll be going on a tour of the best drinking spots in the area. You can expect a more interactive and laid-back vibe, with shared personal and neighborhood-related stories. That is one of the best food tours of Virginia for the adult crowd.

7. Chocolate and Wine Pairing in Chantilly 

If you love a fancy evening of chocolate and wine, this tour is for you. There are two main aspects of this tour. Firstly, you’ll be tasting the carefully picked-out chocolate and wine pairings. Wines are gathered from local vineyards, while the delicious chocolate comes straight from the factory you’ll be touring. While the chocolate is the show's star, the wine is the perfect addition to show how much can be achieved when you pair chocolate correctly. This second part of the tour focuses on taking you through the fascinating production process of small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate. You’ll see and hear about every machine involved with the process in an intimate, open-to-questions tour.

8. Church Hill Food Tour in Richmond 

On this tour, you’ll explore Richmond’s oldest neighborhood, all while tasting some of the best food it offers. That is another walking tour with five stops at some of the most popular local food establishments. These include restaurants, cafes, and bakeries offering various foods to sample. From wood-fired pastries to barbecue and classic Richmond comfort food to authentic Ethiopian cuisine. Between the multiple meals, you’ll be hearing stories about the birthplace of Richmond. 

Final thoughts

Visiting one of the best food tours of Virginia found on this list is the ideal way to spend a trip here. Don’t forget to be creative with your timing, however. Since most of these tours are relatively short, you can quickly go through more than one during a visit. All you have to do is plan carefully, pack everything you need, and book in advance.

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