December 26, 2019

9 Reasons to go to Vegas on Your Honeymoon

Vegas, or Sin City, has long been enticing to casino and entertainment fans alike. The buzz of the main strip is like nothing else out there and you really get those bright lights, big city vibes no matter who you are.

While you may be thinking of having a relaxing beach holiday after your wedding or even skipping your honeymoon altogether, we’re here to change your mind. Honeymoon in Vegas? Let’s go!


The strip

You simply can’t visit Vegas without hitting up its world-famous strip. Whether you visit to try your hand at a little blackjack, enjoy some of the endless food on offer or simply to people-watch, you’re never far from a thrill. Lucian Marinescu, the partner at Online Casino Gems, says the strip is somewhere everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. He said: “While I love the endless gambling opportunities that can be found on the Vegas strip, it’s the people that give it its world-renowned vibe - the place is brimming with all sorts of fun characters that will make your trip unforgettable.”

The weather

The Vegas sunshine is pretty much unbeatable as you can plan your trip to meet your preferences. Those who prefer to adventure on their holidays will love the spring and autumn as it’s hot enough to be t-shirt weather but pleasant enough to spend the whole day wandering through the streets, visiting casinos, and eating great food. 

If you’re a sun worshipper then Summer is the time for you, with temperatures going above the 100-degree mark. For a gorgeous tan and perfect pool weather, visit anytime from June through to August. If you’re more of an ice queen, visit in winter when the temperatures are much cooler and give off a great festive feel from December to February. 

It’s easy to navigate

While an island getaway may sound like the perfect honeymoon, you may find yourselves stuck in the middle of nowhere. Vegas has a great transport system with double-decker buses, monorail, and ever rickshaws to help you get from A to B in the fastest way possible.

Whether you need a fast way to get home after a night at the shows or simply don’t want to waste time on your big adventure, Vegas is fantastic to get around. Oh, and did we mention that riding in a rickshaw is something you simply cannot miss?

There’s so much to do

Many think of Vegas as a place with loads of casinos and nothing else. While yes, Vegas is tailored towards gamblers, that doesn’t mean you have to be a poker professional before you visit. There’s plenty of other things to do in Vegas that won’t break the bank.

Other than the hundreds of great shows in the city, you can also visit the Stratosphere Tower (the tallest observation tower in the US), the Shark Reef Aquarium, and the Adventuredome. You could even choose to get married all over again, Vegas-style, at the Little White Wedding Chapel.

The luxury hotels

There’s plenty of honeymoon-standard suites to pick from in the many Vegas hotels. We simply couldn’t choose, so Gamblers Daily Digest has picked the 22 best Vegas hotels for us. We particularly love the Bellagio, which is one of the biggest hotel landmarks in the city.

Each room has a clean and crisp style which is never outdated, and the wide windows give a great view of the strip. Though we guarantee you won’t spend much time in your hotel, it’s your honeymoon - splash out on something a little fancy and treat yourself to Vegas luxury. 

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam, labeled as one of the biggest attractions in the US, is an astonishing tribute to the American dream. The 726-foot tall structure is the largest reservoir in the country and was built during the Great Depression.

Not only is it easy to access from Vegas and great to see from the ground, but you can now take it all in via helicopter ride - super romantic and worth the expense for an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

The service

Vegas is known for its amazing customer service thanks to its huge visitor numbers. 41.12 million tourists visit Sin City each year and McCarran Airport has recently marked a one-year 50 million passenger milestone.

It comes as no surprise considering how welcoming and friendly every single waiter, hotel staff member, and casino dealer is there. The Area, Mandarin Hotel and Bellagio also hold  Five-Star AAA Diamond Ratings among neighboring properties - labeling them as second to none. Comfort and luxury are prioritized for every visitor’s trip here, so we know you’ll have no problem kicking back and taking everything in. 


The Neon Museum

If you’re into the glitz and glamour of Vegas, then you’ll love visiting its Neon Museum. Preserving hundreds of signs from former casinos and businesses that have rocked the strip, the museum gives every visitor a little piece of Vegas history to take home with them. Just a few of the signs their include The Steiner’s laundry service, The Ugly Duckling Car Sales, and the pirate skull that once adorned Treasure Island.

Tim Burton recently spoke about the lights of Vegas with CBN. He said: “I love the neon, you know, the old signs, and the beauty of them, and the sort of artistry of them are very important to me and part of my sort of artistic development in a way.” He recently debuted his own artwork at the Neon Museum in an exhibit entitled ‘Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @ The Neon Museum’. 

Proximity to other destinations

Although there’s more than enough to see in Vegas to fit multiple trips, visitors also enjoy taking days away from the slots to visit a whole variety of destinations nearby. 

By taking just a three-hour drive, visitors can find themselves at the Big Bear in California, or Zion National Park in Utah. Death Valley National Park and the Grand Canyon are just two hours away by car. 


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