July 12, 2012

Lebanon's Restaurants Hubs 104: Beirut Souks

Beirut Souks is your unrivaled outing destination; simply border-less and divine. Expect to embark on a sensational journey where you will rediscover an authentic bouquet of flavors and aromas. Whether you fancy lavish interiors or prefer modern outdoors, Beirut Souks’ restaurants and cafes will satisfy your every taste coupled with a unique historical setting. From the four corners of the world, enjoy all types of cuisines in venues that are exclusive to Beirut Souks in Lebanon.

[GRID] is a distinctive, warm and elegant urban venue. The menu presents a variety of items served with artisanal breads, popular salads, signature pastries, fresh Danish, in addition to a variety of coffees, Lebanese coffee, Espresso, American coffee, Cappuccinos, teas and infusions,  cold blended coffees, milkshakes, fresh juices, etc. With unassuming interiors artistically designed featuring exclusive Copper mesh panels, mirrors, as well as surprising materials and furniture, this coffee shop is intimate yet comfortable and has a recognizable identity.
Grid, Beirut Souks, +961-1-999 787
Dunkin’ Donuts Lebanon was the first to introduce donuts and filtered coffee to the Lebanese society. According to a survey conducted by PARC (Pan Arab Research Center), Dunkin’ Donuts Lebanon has proved to be the top coffee shop and hang out place for people of most age groups for 3 consecutive years. For more than a decade, Dunkin’ Donuts Lebanon has become the prime destination for coffee and donut lovers! 35 donuts are offered which customers can choose from as well as the new premium line for the more adventurous customers. Dunkin’ Donuts at the souks serves delicious baked goods, croissant sandwiches, diet snacks, pre-packed sandwiches and salads.
It was in 1998 that Dunkin’ Donuts opened its first branch in Lebanon on Zalka highway. Over a decade later, the Lebanese community’s favorite coffee shop now has 30 branches all over the country!
Dunkin Donuts, Souks, +961-1-999787
Fresh juices, Lebanese sweets like Mhalabieh,Meghleh... to name a few are available at Al Antabli's small spot in souks.
Al Antabli, Beirut Souks, +961 1 989 040
Serving up international cuisine with delicacies from all corners of the globe, The Met has put together a menu of dishes from France, Greece, Japan, Italy, India, Thailand, USA, Lebanon and the list goes on.In parallel, iconic and adapted visual elements were introduced into The Met’s interior architecture. An urban setting emitting a subway vibe has been developed to complement the entity created.
The Met, Souk Beirut, +961-1-984444
Welcome to Citycafé, Beirut's social hub where people of the city come to indulge in conversation. Here, you can have a relaxing cup of coffee before you head to work as you sink into a comfortable couch. Talk with your friends or business associates over a delicious lunch, or bring your date for an enjoyable night right in the heart of Beirut's Central District. Enjoy a wide range of local and international favorites, along with Citycafe's rich salad bar of over 40 items for you to indulge in!
Citycafe, Souk Beirut, +961-1-991155
This tea shop concept, by Yannick Alleno, opened its doors in October in the Beirut Souks.  It specializes in desserts prepared specifically by the French chef for the Lebanese public. Here you will find specialty French desserts such as the Saint-Honoré, the Religieuse, or a Forêt Noire. Sweet Tea offers one of the most extensive tea lists with many new tastes to explore.The Tea shop is on two floors with a spectacular green roof where you can have a nice breakfast, lunch or simply enjoy a pastry and tea surrounded by plants and flowers.
Sweet Tea, Souk Beirut, +961-1-990847


8- Le STAY

Yannick Alleno, the three Michelin star chef of the Hotel Meurice in Paris, has just opened his new restaurant in the Beirut Souks.  STAY (Simple Table of Yannick Alleno), with its trendy and cutting edge design, drawn up by Alain Moatti serves an elegant and refined menu of French specialties. It boasts a communal table, a bar and a pastry library where desserts are prepared in long strips and sold by measure.The suspended cozy bar is located on the second floor and is shaped in the form of a ship. It serves drinks in the early evening onwards with a beautiful adjacent outdoor terrace.
STAY, Beirut Souks, +961-1-999757
Faithful to his origins, restaurateur Mourad Mazouz says that he has discovered in Beirut, the perfect fusion between tradition and modernity in an Arabic Mediterranean city. Because in Lebanon everything seems possible, he has decided to make it the setting of his newest venture. Just on top of the jewellery souks, right in the center of Beirut, Momo at the Souks overlooks the “tohu bohu” of the Lebanese capital. With Annabel Karim Kassar and Violaine Jantet, Mourad Mazouz has created a paradise of curiosity mixing vintage furniture, designer pieces and made to measure fixtures in the most wonderful shell of a hanging garden.
Momo's at the Souks, Souk Beirut, +961 1 999 767
Häagen-Dazs started in 1921 in New York, as a family business. In 1961 Mr. Mattus "the owner ", decided to create a new company dedicated exclusively to produce the only best ice cream available. He called his new super premium brand “Häagen-Dazs”. Mr. Mattus and his team continued their meticulous work to create new flavors. A simple flavor like strawberry, for example, was in development for a full six years while the Häagen-Dazs team searched for all types of strawberries worldwide. At the heart of every ice cream recipe is always fresh cream, egg yolk, skimmed milk and sugar, combined with fine ingredients from around the world. There are no artificial colors in Häagen-Dazs ice cream. To create the subtle flavors, no trip is too long to find the finest ingredient: the sweetest sun-ripe strawberries, the finest cocoa, the most well scented vanilla and the best coffee.
Haagen Dazs, Souk Beirut, +961-1-999180
11- Cafe M

At the intersection of the busy Fakhry Bey and Trablous streets, is Café M, a beautiful and stylish restaurant in the Beirut Souks. Its elegant and trendy design sets it apart from the other restaurants of the area as well as its unique outdoor terrace. Café M serves foods made from only the freshest ingredients from the Mediterranean region. There you will find café favorites including hearty salads, pizzas, burgers, luscious sandwiches and home made ice cream in a casual, comfortable setting.

Cafe M, Beirut Souks, +961-1-999 787
In a contemporary lounge ambiance designed by Jacques Garcia, you will enjoy Balthazar's specialties: Souris d'agneau (Lamb shank), Burger, Loup de Mer (Sea Bass), Salade au Halloumi, Pain perdu (soufflé of bread pudding) Opening Hours: from 10am to midnight, for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Available bookings for Lunch and Dinner Restaurant Manager: Mr Raïf Letayf
Balthazer, Souks, +961-1-999222
As I am a fan of  the Yabani Restaurant, I decided to try their latest creation at the souks just a couple of weeks after rediscovering the original Yabani of Achrafieh. Located in the street between Librairie Antoine and La Cave De Joel Robuchon, Y is a small trendy place with a decoration that I found a bit deceiving.
Y, Souk Beirut, +961-1-992233
Located next to Intabli Fountain, Bali Balima is a new terrace café that serves cuisine by French chef Olivier Gougeon. Second branch after Balima at Saifi Village.
Bali Balima, Souk Beirut, +961-1-971097
TSC Signature houses a galaxy of hubs that appeals to the most refined palates combining the finest skills of the masters of the culinary art and the freshest ingredients to bring the flavors of the world into your plate; you can treat yourself to Sushi, Grill, Pizza, Hot Food, Lebanese meals and salads in a charming and welcoming ambiance. Drinking Hubs; a moment of relaxation … If you want to indulge yourself with delightful drinks and fresh fruits, the juice bar is the place … If you want to taste excellent blends of coffee, Café Najjar Gourmet is definitely your haven …. Nothing is far-fetched in our distinctive premises.
TSC Signature, Souk Beirut, +961-1-993170
Casper & Gambini’s is an internationally franchised restaurant-café with regional headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. The award-winning chain spreads sensibly across the region with over 23 operations in the Middle East. Casper & Gambini’s specializes in serving gourmet meals and specialty espresso-based coffee drinks, with an emphasis on health and fresh ingredients. The all-day menu comprises hot cuisine, sandwiches, salads, weekly features, homemade desserts, coffee and juices, served in an elegant and contemporary atmosphere.
Casper&Gambini's, Beirut Souks, +961-1-982983
From The Tree, the latest concept by Ant Ventures Holding, introduces nonfat frozen yogurt. With only 90 calories in each serving, you can indulge in this delicious treat without guilt. The concept serves original and seasonally flavored nonfat frozen yogurt, all of which can be customized with a variety of fresh fruit, dry and candied toppings. Also quench your thirst with freshly squeezed fruit and detox juices or refreshing smoothies. Whether you’re health and beauty conscious or a sports addict, get the kick you need by adding all natural boosters to them. You can also enjoy an assortment of fresh fruit cocktails, as you relax in a green and white setting, reflecting a pure and natural concept.
From the Tree, Souk Beirut, +961-1-982981


18- Brgr. Co (Opening Soon)  

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