May 20, 2015

A Mouthwatering Sin: Honey, Almond Nougat and Corn Chocolate

Toblerone: Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat and crushed corn.


I can tell you one one thing... I'm not a fan of milk chocolate and I often avoid eating them because of its high sugar content and the lack of bitterness that I like so much and search for in dark chocolates. But I like one milk chocolate... Toblerone.

My story with Toblerone started two years ago when by chance I found out that they had launched a new edition called "Honey and Almond Nougat and Salted Caramelized Almonds". Back then, I fell in love. Just Imagine: Honey, salt, almonds, chocolate, milk and nougat! You can call it "a mouthwatering sin." 

It all starts with this triangular long box and its unique colors: I liked how the green replaced the previous blue available on the caramelized almond and how it sits with Toblerone's gold. A simple, catchy design. The nutrition panel on the side is really easy to read.

Inside is a passionate mix of premium ingredients. Just unwrap the foil to scent the aromas of milk, sweetness and chocolate. The bite is soft and has a lot more crispy bits in it than I was accustomed to with the other members of the family. Even the crunch is different; a blend of honey for the sweetness, nougat for the stickiness, crushed almonds for the crunch before you reach the yellow ingredient, the main change: corn. Amazing, airy and crunchy corn that tastes like popcorn without the chewiness of our favorite movie snack. Close your eyes for a second and you'll feel as if you're at the movies enjoying caramel popcorn. Soft milk chocolate, full of taste and purity, mixed with sticky bits of nougat while the corn starts exploding under the teeth... Boom! Now salt appears... Extravagant!

The chocolate is fudgy and has a lot of milky flavors to it, and it holds the ingredients together well. The nougat pieces are crispy, sticking together inside the unique honey envelope Toblerone is famous for using. The almonds are a little larger and have a nice, fresh crunch to them and their white color is clear inside the mix.


Don't expect to feel the salt like you do in a bowl of popcorn. These corns are lightly salted to keep a long lasting after note. The salt is hidden beyond the sweet ingredients which activates your taste buds with a gentle touch and the chocolate is worth appreciating as it has lots of merit. Inside is 8% of corn snacks and 8% of almond nougat. With that 28% of cocoa solids. 

Just imagine: honey, salt, almonds, chocolate, milk, nougat and corn! 

Pass by any Duty Free shop around Europe and buy yourself one. There's currently a special offer where you can buy 3 for $20.

Unbelievable, I finished writing my notes and the aftertaste was still following me around. The corn gently blending with chocolate, a chocolate that's not too sweet, I personally prefer it to the caramelized almond bar. 

A must try.

Available at duty free shops around the world.





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