December 21, 2014

A Tasty Discovery: Honey Maamoul from Nicolas Audi

I've written about them before and here I am again... Those deserve an article by themselves. An airy light biscuit filled with an authentic honey from the village. An adequate sweetness, powder sugar and really life in every bite. I loved them!


Please allow me to introduce you to a unique dessert – something that can be enjoyed all year long. Round in shape and filled with the best honey this country has to offer, these bites are out of this world. An elastic consistency flows onto your tongue and will amaze you while you try to understand what’s happening to your taste buds. Crumbling in style, the dough, lighter than the others, is covered with powder sugar. How majestic! This is truly a creation of a Grand Chef.


Those can be found at Nicolas Audi Rabieh or Ixsir's Restaurant.

Categories: Tasty Discoveries


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