September 30, 2017 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

A Surprise from Dunkin Donuts Lebanon

19 year’s ago, Dunkin Donuts introduced The American Coffee in a carton cup to Lebanon bringing with it the Doughnuts craze or shall we say "Donuts" like Dunkin calls them. Orange and pink, two colors followed us through the years... noone from our generation didn’t pass by the Zalka branch along the years; The coffee after hours, the walls tagged by Hady Beydoun, the decor changed several times, the study room on the first floor, the famous turkey cheese and vegetables croissant, the world famous Boston cream among many other souvenirs I still can’t forget. Today, Dunkin is coming back strong!


Along the years, the brand has changed, evolved for many and changed direction for others but what I just discovered in Mansourieh left me speechless! Dunkin Donuts is back, stronger than ever with a new decor, a new design, fresher colors speaking the youth language and giving you a boost of positivity on an early morning coffee stop. I personally visited Dunkin in several locations around the world and this is a premiere for me.


Dunkin Donuts Mansourieh is one of many locations to come -as the rumors say- introducing a new touch to Dunkin’s cafes. Pink neon lights, a babyfoot machine, colorful chairs, games, a clear donut display set under your eyes, croissant bakes in front of you, boxes of fresh coffee diffuses rich aromas around the place with colorful images to decorate the walls. Even the toilets had their share of design.


I was happily surprised to discover that one of my childhood’s favorite places is coming back to life, stronger and fresher than ever with a new branch you would want to stop by every other day of the week. It is young but feels good... Mabrouk Mansourieh hoping to see this design spread around the country soon.

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