May 12, 2018 Amsterdam Holland Europe

A Unique Addition to Culinary Amsterdam: the International Indoor Street Food Market the ‘Foodhallen’
Non-smokers friendly
Out with the Guys

Experience different food concepts and cuisines in a historical venue in Amsterdam

The ‘Foodhallen’ opened in ‘De Hallen Amsterdam’ – a newly renovated tram depot – in October 2014. The concept was inspired by indoor food markets like the ‘Torvehallerne’ in Copenhagen, ‘Mercado de San Miguel’ in Madrid and the ‘Borough Market’ in London. Wander around in the large loft-like space of the ‘Foodhallen’ and discover the very best “culinary Amsterdam” has to offer. Various hospitality concepts will serve a selection of small (signature) dishes for locals and tourists to enjoy. With over 20 different stalls, varying from Michelin star concepts to international ‘streetfoods’, the Amsterdam ‘Foodhallen’ is an international foodie-hotspot like no other.


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