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2014: Lebanon's Best Casual Burgers


Sandwiched: Delicious Diner Food and a Mouthwatering Chocolate Cake

All the burgers looked appetizing, but we chose the cheeseburger for L.L12,000L.L: The bread emptied from the inside gives room for the other ingredients to be enjoyed. The first bite was bizarre, the second more enjoyable, until I started remembering what a real homemade burger tastes like. It’s a correct and simple burger with no sophistication. Adequate juiciness and adequate quantity of fat and premium ingredients. I loved the meat, loved the bread, which is special, and enjoyed the freshness of the vegetables. It is not one of those burgers that makes up a Top 10 list, but even better; a simple and tasty burger you'll just enjoy without thinking. I loved its homemade feel.

Crepaway's New Menu Finally Out

Loved the Cordon Blues, its melted white cheese heart topped with yellow cheese alongside the crunch of the crispy bacon, the light onion rings, the crunchy, fresh vegetables and the load of balanced sauce. I fell in love with the quality of meat and the proportionality of the ingredients stuffed into this fine premium bun.

Smoking Bun: A Fine Addictive Street Food Burger 

Understanding that Smoking Bun is a street food concept, I found their burger close to perfect in its category. A bun, crafted by Prunelle is unique of its kind. A certain fluffiness and richness makes the buns melt under your teeth majestically holding the inner ingredients. The meat is just awesome; just meat, ground beef which crumble under your teeth without squeaking or leaving an unpleasant aftertaste. You won’t feel any add-ons, any sauces, or any breadcrumbs… The patty is really great. As you bite into it, you’ll feel the salt and pepper as a welcome note ending the experience with a light subtle sweetness the pickles add to the experience. My suggestion, enjoy it MEDIUM and feel its red heart. 

Marky's Philly Joint: Endless Surprises of Professionalism and Taste

Finally, a burger I loved and enjoyed and urge all of you to pass by and try and hopefully learn from. No more pressed and frozen meat, no more fat, no more cheap lettuce, no more raw onions, no more thick tomato slices, no more Worcester sauce, no more commercial flavors and synthetic additives… Dear Mark, I send you a round of applause.

LVD: Still Serving Premium Quality Meat & Burgers

LVD is super hot on choice. You can choose between a Black Angus or Wagyu burger and can satisfy your appetite with a 4 oz, 6 oz or 8 oz burger. The selection of premium steaks will unleash your inner carnivore with prime cuts of grass fed, MB1, MB3, MB5 and MB8. Because the meat is truly outstanding, it is served grilled, braised and oven baked to seal the flavors and is never well done and always succulently medium to medium well. And if you’re not craving beef, then the sublime chicken burgers and tender steaks are a great option.

Rod's Burgers: Homemade with Style and Perfection

The Backboard Burger: 100% organic beef, jalapeños, coleslaw, melted cheese and ham, tomato, caramelized onions, mushrooms and green pepper with special steak sauce. A burger I really enjoyed on all fronts. I loved its soft tender bun provided by Prunelle, the rich juicy yet non fatty meat, the crunchy fresh vegetables and the rich taste of their homemade sauces.

Burger Bites, More than Twenty Different Flavors

Burger Bites' might look small but they do hide magical flavors. I enjoyed each and every one of these in style and recommend you do so. 50g in each means three would be enough for a meal... but you might not be able to resist ordering eight bites for yourself. They are addictive...

Captain Cook: Healthy Tasty Delivery Just a Phone Call Away

Swiss Knife Burger LBP8,500:Homemade burger meat, cheddar cheese, tomato and spinach, served in burger bun with Swiss mushroom sauce. The homemade feel of a Lebanese burger stuffed with a good, juicy meat, a slice of warm tomato, melted cheddar and lots of Swiss cheese with juicy mushrooms. A good burger, a really good, simple burger in a tender, fluffy bun. That's a very good burger, the burger of all ages, a burger with benefits, that really tastes like home.

Classic Burger Joint: A Burger's Portrait

The burger comes in a circular white plate covered with CBJ-branded absorbent paper that helps to decorate the box and absorbs the oil from the fries at the same time. A beautiful and perfectly round piece of bread decorated with many exotic colors. Yellow, green, red, brown and caramel activate all your senses. Classic Burger Joint has the best bun in Lebanon and by far; it is spongier than others, bigger, has a better consistency and is covered with oats and sesame seeds making it unique of its kind. Inside, the many different ingredients are layered one on top of the other in a classy and beautiful setup. A thin slice of crunchy fresh iceberg lettuce, thick sweet pickles add an American touch and taste to the mix. Thin tomato slices lay on the lettuce. The upper bun is covered with the CBJ signature deli sauce, or any variety you order. At the bottom is a thin piece of 130g meat wearing a yellow cheese robe. The Classic Burger Joint is surely the burger for all ages.

The Lord of the Wings is Back: Very Good Diner Food

A burger filled with sweet pickles, thinly cut onions, a slice of super thick tomato, a fine meat that’s nicely grilled and topped with cheddar cheese. I couldn't believe the change. Many improve but no one can make a 180° change. Last visit's burger was inedible... This one was good. All ingredients were just perfect and the meat is one of those fine ones that few diners use. Bravo! Even the coleslaw is enjoyable.

Roadster Diner: Upscaling its Burger Choices

Finally, this year Roadster Diner has upgraded is selection of burgers and introduced the Angus beef series. The finest of all is surely the barbecue: Roadster BBQBacon’in - sesame golden bun, grilled onion, colorful coleslaw, crunchy skin in fries, grilled tomato, 160g angus mixed with bacon, melted cheese cheddar. To start with, the difference between Roadster’s regular burgers and the meat used in the new burger is clear. There’s uniqueness to each burger and Roadster’s unique, mouthwatering sauces embrace the bun as well as the meat. Mixed with the meat, the bacon gives the burger a rich flavor. It’s different than the usual crunchy bacon often found in most burgers. One bite after another, a love story begins, between a food aficionado and a burger. A soft tender bun, filled with air bubbles, covered with two kinds of sesame seeds melts under your teeth, followed by the little crunch of sweet cucumber pickles, a thin green layer of lettuce, followed by a slice of tomato which adds the needed freshness and crunch to this colorful tower. A thick piece of melted cheddar cheese over the juicy ground beef looks great and tastes good.

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