September 13, 2015 Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Abo Jad: The Sandwich Poet
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He is indeed special, special on all fronts, he is a man with principles, a man who refuses to sell French fries, who believes in freshness and good taste, a chef who creates amazing sandwiches. 


His name is Abo Jad king of a restaurant without a sign up on the road in Aley. Abo Jad has been known to support Germany which is clearly seen everywhere, and to create sandwiches with special names including "Shil w Mashi" or "Ma Ter7am". Don't miss the 7-1 a sandwich to tease Brazilian fans. You can even check this fake page on facebook claiming he now supports Brazil.

Abo Jad welcomes you into his home, a small shop where two men help him. Try the roast beef or the chicken with its juicy feel and tender heart. Don't miss the special shawarma, which can change every day, while sitting at the bar and discussing the story behind every sandwich with Abo Jad.


A specialty of the day makes it on the menu every day of the week:

  • Tuesday is sish shawarma
  • Wednesday is chicken shawarma 
  • Thursday is soujok and chicken shawarma, the one we tasted
  • Friday is meat shawarma
  • Saturday and Sunday there is no shawarma, but charcoal grilled meat instead
  • Abo Jad can also create tongue shawarma (lsenet) and something he calls the Valentine shawarma.


The sandwiches started seeing life one after the other:

  • Shil w machi: A Lebanese bread sandwich filled with tender meat with sauces, vegetables and cheese mixed with pomegranate molasses.
  • Ma terham: A sandwich in French bread filled with tender and juicy chicken topped with potato chips for the crunch.
  • The roast beef is as good as the others matched with their special vegetable sauce.
  • The shawarma soujok is unique. Yes, soujok without garlic. A tender and juicy chicken shawarma flavored with soujok, a premiere for me, and it rocks. That's a sandwich I'd come all the way from Beirut for.

Abo Jad is a man that impressed me. Abo Jad is a restaurant with sandwiches few know how to do and is worth a visit from Beirut.

Abo Jad, Aley. +961-5-552245. +961-3-059777





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