August 04, 2016 New York USA Americas

Ice & Vice: Ice Cream Has a New Meaning
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

The funkiest and trendiest ice cream shop in New York is called Ice&Vice. Expect to be amazed with innovative flavors like you can't imagine, joyful and welcoming staff, signature colored cones ... and more importantly they are good.  Enjoy some good ice cream in a space that special in its own way. Music, dimmed lighting, wooden floor... One fridge is where the staff digs in for your satisfaction.


Flavors like sea salt, black lava salt, smoked dark chocolate, lavender, donut soil, toasted blue corn and much more.

On the menu the scoops on salt today are:

  • Milk Money (toasted milk, sea salt, dark chocolate ganache)
  • Basic B (Mexican vanilla, black lava sea salt)
  • Shade (smoked dark chocolate caramelized white chocolate ganache)
  • Opium Den (white sesame, toasted poppy seeds, lemon bread crouton)
  • Tea Dance (nilgri black tea leaf, lemon charcoal caramel)
  • 9am (Vietnamese coffee, donut truffle)
  • Nuts of Wrath (melons almond, grape look-aid jam)
  • Tico Time (pink guava, chili lime plantain chip)
  • American Beauty (creme fraiche rose petal jam)
  • Bath Salts (lavender, pine stracciatella)
  • Food Baby (Concord grape, donut soil, rainbow sprinkle, raspberry couli)
  • Devour Power (dogfish ipa, toasted blue corn, old bay lobster croutons)


PS: Taste before ordering, some flavors may seem a bit weird for my taste.

You can try their three different cone colors of the sandwich in a brownie or donut. Scoops are generous and big, each for $4 and it's worth every penny. The cones are exceptional! The Chai spiced dark chocolate is to die for, salted blue cone with honey and vanilla with funfetti sprinkles.

Every flavor is different, every flavor is unique, every scoop is a journey, every bite takes your senses on a roller coaster ride.

They are extremely recommended, this place will show you another dimension to ice cream. I never tasted something as complicated and as good as ice cream at Ice&Vice.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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