June 10, 2017 Saida South Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

The Famous and Unique Sahlab Zoheir Hankir
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

The king of Sahlab, the master of milk related desserts and sweets: Meet Zoheir Hankir who's know-how has been handed down from generation to generation. His authentic shop in Saida welcomes you to enjoy the true meaning of milk related sweets. Recently having opened a more modern space behind Le Mall in Saida, Zoheir Hankir's delicious sweets are shown off to their best.

Meet Zuhair Hankir, a man I came across two years ago in Saida’s old souk. He tells you the story of his father and of this well preserved and tasty tradition he was brought into at the tender age of five years old. 

The new place in behind Le Mall in Saida is an upgrade of the old shop. It's a trendier and more modern place selling ice cream, salhab, mouhallabiyah and Lebanese desserts.

Try everything:

  • A very dark "meghlé", intense and full-bodied, topped with coconut and nuts. It's like no other meghle I've had before, it's rich, aromatic and intensely flavorful.
  • The mouhallabiya is surely the country's best. It's simply awesome, not too sweet, not soggy, but flavorful and milky. It's balanced and generously covered with pistachio.
  • This is what a "Riz b 7alib" should be like. Real rice, nicely cooked al dente with sugar and rose water, flamed inside a metallic pot until it turns red. Ask Zuhair to add his signature Kashta ice cream on top and enjoy.
  • OMG! The sahlab is outstanding! No one else on earth knows how to create such a creamy mix, served hot, intensely milky and enjoyably elastic with sweetness to make it addictive. 

I’m sure this video says a million words… watch and plan your next visit to Saida.


I travel all the way to Saida to enjoy the Sahlab, the Mouhallabiyah, the Riz b 7alib... This is a real heaven for milk lovers... come meet the king of Sahlab, Zuhair Hankir. I've been to the shop in the old souk twice and twice to the new shop behind Le Mall and I still enjoy it as much as I did the first day.

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