January 12, 2020 London UK Europe

Creme Cookies: One of the World's Best Can Be Found in London
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

The Double Chocolate Cookie: A chocolate lover’s dream, made with dark chocolate cocoa and semi-sweet chips. This world-famous orgasmic cookie can make you scream indistinctly to the extent of losing your mind. Prepared with an extra dark French cocoa and semisweet chocolate chips, they come out of the oven with molten layers of chocolate swirling together. As beautiful to look at as they are to eat, they’re guaranteed to satiate even a chocoholic’s craving. A dark chocolate cookie with molten dough and a heart of flowing chocolate sparkling independently in this ball of madness. Cut in the middle to see this amazing masterpiece before devouring it. 


Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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