April 13, 2016 New York USA Americas

Godiva: The Mouthwatering Chocolate Ice Cream!
Sweet Tooth

I get myself one of those beautiful comes every time I pass a Godiva shop, that is in New York, Paris, Belgium or even Seoul. This luxurious treat and the finesse it’s prepared with is world renowned. So heavenly, and rich. The chocolate is smooth and beautiful, it rolls down the throat like velvet.


This is real GODIVA chocolate, served in a cone. Yes, you’re looking at a decadent swirl of White Chocolate Vanilla Bean and Dark Chocolate. Even the waffle cone is exceptional, with a rim that can be dipped in GODIVA chocolate and nestled with praline almonds. Pretty sweet, right?


A must try! at $8, worth every penny.


PS: Don't forget to try the world famous chocolate dipped strawberries. Juicy strawberries, picked at the peak of ripeness, coated with a generous layer of chocolate. What could be more delicious? Available in milk, dark and white chocolate, pick up cones and walk the streets enjoying them.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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