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Breakfast in Tyre Has One Address: Mazraani!
Authentic & Traditional

Tyre, home of Lebanon's most beautiful beachfront and tastiest breakfast. I was back for the tasty local street breakfast and this time met Mr. Mazraani and his son, who have been producing these awesome plates since 1968. Ali, the founder, still comes to work, making sure his son Hussein follows in his footsteps.


In the old souk of Tyre (Sur) in South Lebanon, located a one minute walk from the fishermen’s port, is the famous Mazraani: an authentic breakfast spot that opens from 02:30am until 11am and serves only the best Foul, Hummus (na3em) and Msabbaha (Fava beans and Chickpeas). This culinary journey starts a few meters away from the shop, as you approach Mazraani, attracted by the rich, mouthwatering aromas of cooked peas. In the restaurant is one cooking station divided into two areas: the Foul station where mixes are prepared in large stainless steel jars and maintained on a low fire, and the Hummus station where chickpeas and tahini are mixed.


With every order, they offer you a plate of vegetables (tomatoes, thyme, onions, beetroot and lemon) and a unique plate of chili peppers. This is all you need to enjoy and appreciate what can look like a heavy breakfast. Indeed it wasn’t at all heavy, but instead tasty and perfectly prepared. A smooth beginning to my day.

Arrive early, wait for the fresh hot bread delivered from the bakery next door and prepare yourself to be transported. It's not like any breakfast, this one is unique and special. I'm not sure if there are enough words to describe the feeling of the emotions this breakfast creates.

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